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Header image for WordPress Not Responsive

I am having trouble getting the header for my WordPress site to be responsive.

Right now, I just have it set to disappear, but I would like it to shrink with the
window size.

Please help. Thank you.
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Steven Harris
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This will be depend on your installed theme, or plugin that is being used. Can you give some more details on how you are trying to accomplish this? What steps are you taking? Can you provide any screenshots?
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The only thing I have done is make the header disappear. I have not used a plugin or anything like that.
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Peter Hart
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you'll also have to adjust all the margins etc... in the media queries to get ride of the white space
to do this without messing with the theme,
 install a plugin called "simply custom CSS"

which is here :
then under appearance you get a "custom css"

then add the changes to the styles   in this bit.

otherwise if its a bought them you may lose your changes when you get updates.
Thank you, worked great!