Why is the new HP Spectre Laptop triggering different fucntions on its own?

Something very strange is appearing on a new HP Spectre Laptop at my work.  The problem, is laptop specific and I have never seen this before.  It seems almost as if someone else is remoting into the laptop itself and is taking control of it by clicking on different programs.

I did run several virus scans and with multiple vendors (Forticlient andf Hitman Pro) and no malware could be found.  I should probably add that this laptop is only 1 week old. The laptop itself could be screwed up and then should just simply be returned.  I wanted to get other experts opinions on what I should check before we return this laptop.

At my work a brand new HP Spectre Laptop was purchased .  It appears to be pretty powerful and it has a touch-screen with high resolution (i7 processors and 16 GB RAM).  It appears as if the mouse track-pad is so sensitive that just by scrolling across the screen it is activating other functions or just freezing on you.  That is right it does both freeze and become too sensitive.  Also the problem is intenittent, so it does not happen all of the time.

When the mouse function freezes it appears to malfunction and then all of the sudden the mouse function executes all of the stored up actions, that were previously ignored right away one after another to catch up.

Then when the mouse feature is too sensitive, it triggers things that one does not actually trigger.  For example, If I am internet browsing and I scroll to the mouse pointer, to the top of the web page to enter a different web address all of the sudden the current web page text file enlarges 500% and it looks out of proportion to the page. I have to scroll over and up and down to view the web page.

Another example, if I am in an application and I am typing something into a text field, another application becomes active and I have to manually click in the original text field to continue working.  It behaves this way a lot.  The laptop is not reliably usable.

Here are the events that have taken place when I received the laptop.

1.  It was purchased for work purposes; but the user (owner of company) purchased Windows 10 Home edition.
        a.  I informed the user for the laptop required Windows 10 Professional.  
        b.  He then purchased Windows 10 Pro and had Best buy install/upgrade it.

2.  I received the laptop and connected to our guest wifi and un-installed the AV software that came with it (Web Roots, perhaps ... I do not remember the name).  I then installed Forticlient AV and VPN (we use this for work).

3.  I ran a full scan after installing Forticlient and no viruses were found.
        a.  I then then succesfully installed all of the remaining Windows updates.

4.  I then joined the Work Active Directory Domain and began installing work (specific) software that other work laptops also have installed as well.
        a.  I got everything installed and working.
        b.  Our executives just use their laptops to be able to remote in from home or remote into a Citrix connection wile at work through a web portal.
        c.  I do recall mapping network drives was not always working correctly; but, that was not a big deal for the laptop's purposes.  The applications worked fine because they did not require mapped drives.
        d.  When the user logged on via Citrix, the mapped drives were all there.

5.  After these mouse click problems became present, I re-ran Virus scan and used a secondary tool (Hitman Pro) and not malware showed up.

These malfunctions show up when one is working on the local side of the laptop or on the remote side (Citrix ICA connection).  No other device/Server/PC has these problems.  Is the laptop screwy or what else should I check before we return this to Best Buy for a refund?
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAsked:
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PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I was thinking of trying the following:

1.  Logon as a local administrator and see if I can replicate the problems.
        a.  I wonder if the problem is user profile specific.
        b.  If yes, then I can just blow away the locally stored profile and proceed from there.

2.  The laptop is 1 week old, for give my language; but, WTF?

3.  Perhaps run a hardware diagnostic?
        a.  I would image Best Buy would do that as well.
        b.  I can call HP Support and ask them how to trigger the diagnostics.

An thoughts?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
He then purchased Windows 10 Pro and had Best buy install/upgrade it.

This suggests several problems.

In this situation I would erase the entire drive using a product such as Darik's Boot and Nuke, and then reinstall Windows 10 myself.
Check the mouse/track pad settings in the control panel. Depending on the driver used there are probably a lot of different settings there which you can change and which would change how it acts.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The upgrade may have gone wrong. Purchasing Home in order to install Pro is not a good idea. Just purchase Pro preinstalled. To correct this, reinstall Windows 10 Pro from the Media Creation Link and Keep Everything.

Try a different and external mouse. Does that work?

I also agree with Rindi about installing new drivers.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
It is very weird the owner is ready to return the laptop.  I agree it would be better to have it pre-installed but best buy should know that.  The OS pre-installed.

I will call HP support on Monday, if we need to re-install the OS the owner will just return it and order a dell with
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Return it as defective and purchase a machine with Pro already installed.
He shouldn't need to install drivers, but rather check the settings in the control panel and try different settings there. Trackpads etc can have lots of different settings, like sensitivity or scrolling etc., and some of those settings you may have now could be causing your issues.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I ended up working with HP Support and we did a clean refresh of the OS.  Meaning there is a built in utility (boot the laptop on and press the 'esc' key over and  over).  You will will get a menu and I do not remember the correct option; but, this option re-installs the Operating system but it does not delete your files (profile settings, etc.).

This option does remove all 3rd party software that was installed and any windows updates that was applied.  I was told that the problem is referred to as 'ghost touches'.  After the Operating Re-Set the problem went away.

Since we are doing everything from scratch I removed teh user's locally stored profile and then logged on to create a new profile.  I re-installed each program one at a time and the problem has not resurfaced yet.  It has been less than 1 day.  I then did some research about ghost touches.  I guess this happens a lot with HP Spectre.


If you read all of the posts it points to a hardware short.  If that is the case then this problem may happen again.  If it happens again I say return it and get another laptop.

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PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
The ghost touches came back and the owner wants to return the unit and get another make/model.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
The problem was Manufacturer/Brand specific.  It had nothing to do with any settings.  they were good ideas to test and then rule out but ultimately my web address listing the HP Spectre having so many problems with "Ghost Touches" gave the better explanation.  I never even heard of Ghost touches before.
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