Unable to change external email address in Lotus Notes Mailbox

We have a group mailbox for business purpose in Lotus Notes. From the Domino administrator we are trying to change the external email address under Administration>Send From Option> External email address but its not getting saved at all and pointing towards some other server... Any advice is much appreciated..
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
Do the mailbox users still use Notes as their mail client? Or how do they read mails in the shared mailbox?

If it's a customized template, it gets very hard for me. How am I supposed to guess how the developer implemented those lists? Maybe there's an additional document in the mailbox database or in the Name & Address Book (names.nsf) that contains these names (hard-coded??).

The usual way to handle incoming mail I described above: mail for helpdesk@company.com arrives at the O365 server; this server has to forward the mail to (example): helpdesk@domino.company.com. The server has to be configured to accept mails for  that domain, by setting its FQHN (Fully Qualified Host Name) to domino1.domino.company.com.

Sending mails will always work, but you have to specify the correct reply address. The standard ways is to adapt the owner in the Mail Preferences. Anybody can send from the mail database. In Notes, every user can set the Reply address in the current Location document, which name is shown in the bottom-righthand corner of the screen. How this is supposed to be done in your case I'm not sure (yet).

Still puzzled...
D PatelD Patel, Software EngineerCommented:
The Notes Traveler client does not automatically convert and pass the internet address to the Domino server. Other clients, such as a full Notes client, automatically perform this conversion and pass the external email formatting (e.g. john_doe@ibm.com) to the Domino server. Changes will need to be made to the Domino server to have it perform this processing.
Resolving the problem
1) Open the Domino Administrator client.
2) Navigate to Configuration document --> MIME --> Conversion Options --> Outbound
3) Enable the option "Lookup Internet address for all Notes addresses when Internet address is not defined in document"
4) Open the Global Domain Document --> Conversions
5) Enable the option "Internet address lookup"
6) Open the Global Domain Document --> Conversions
7) Update the value for "Local part formed from" to shortname
8) Restart the Domino server.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
It would be nice to see an example of your situation. What happens exactly, and what do you want to happen? Did it use to work before?

Which template is set for the mailbox database? Is it a standard template? As far as I know, it isn't possible (using the standard template) to completely change the reply address. You'll always see the address of the person who sent the mail.

To set the reply address for a specific mailbox, you have to update the Mail Preferences, and more specifically the Owner field.
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PavanPAAuthor Commented:
Hi Sjef,

Below is the example:

Recently we were updated of retiring domain which no longer required after O365 came in place. the prefix was like @Region.dell.com (Example) us.company.com, ap.company.com..
After they retired the domain its has to be only @company.com.. I hope you caught what I am explaining.
Then we admins were informed to change and remove prefix from all group mailbox under Administration>Send From Option> External email.. Like wise, if the email address was us.company.com we changed that to company.com and save.. It worked on most of the servers but not on few. When I try to change the email address and modify it crashes while saving it and does not allow me to.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
The option you refer to is in an Exchange server, and not in Notes (or Domino)... I think... Or am I wrong?
PavanPAAuthor Commented:
I am trying to modify the email address in Domino not Exchange... Here exchange does not come in to matter at all :)
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I'm confused... The "Sent From Option" is unknown to me, and I don't understand how the Domino Admin client could crash.

Do you want to send mail only from the server, or do you also want to receive mail? The send part isn't that complicated, the receive part could be impossible. There can be only one server for a specific domain, so if your O365 server already handles mail sent to company.com, the Domino server must have a different domain. Example: if you want a shared mailbox for your helpdesk, say helpdesk@company.com, the mails sent to that address will always be routed to the O365 server. You'll have to configure this server to forward mails for the helpdesk to the Domino server.

Is that the scenario you want to achieve? Coexistence between an internal Domino mail domain and an external Exchange domain?
PavanPAAuthor Commented:
Yes, Send and receive emails are working on that mailbox. When we compose an email from those mailbox it gives options to send the email with list of email address... that is what I am trying to change... Also, to add up we no more user Domino as email client... There were group mailbox for clients which existed and its still being used...
PavanPAAuthor Commented:
Also, Send from option is a customized template
PavanPAAuthor Commented:
Hi Sjef, The developer modified it and corrected it. So we are good now... Thanks for your time and I really appreciate for your efforts to help me....
PavanPAAuthor Commented:
The issue was fixed by the developer by making some changes.
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