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I have Linux running router and I use IPTABLES to count usage of every ip address who is routed.
My config for iptables separate  download for Iceland and foreign and count the bytes.

Are there any solutions for Windows 2012 to do something alike ?
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Hector2016Systems Administrator and Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Option 1: NIRSOFT NetworkTrafficView v2.04

Description: NetworkTrafficView is a network monitoring tool that captures the packets pass through your network adapter, and displays general statistics about your network traffic. The packets statistics is grouped by the Ethernet Type, IP Protocol, Source/Destination Addresses, and Source/Destination ports. For every statistics line, the following information is displayed: Ethernet Type (IPv4, IPv6, ARP), IP Protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP), Source Address, Destination Address, Source Port, Destination Port, Service Name (HTTP, FTP, and so on), Packets Count, Total Packets Size, Total Data Size, Data Speed, Maximum Data Speed, Average Packet Size, First/Last Packet Time, Duration, and process ID/Name (For TCP connections).

Option 2: TMeter Freeware Edition

Description: TMeter is a powerful traffic accounting and Internet sharing tool for Microsoft Windows. Using TMeter, you can make flexible and precision measurement of the traffic by any condition (for example, IP address of source/destination, protocol, port and etc) in real-time with live output of the collected statistic to graph or other reports. TMeter has own built-in NAT (network address translation) engine which enables multiple hosts on a private network to access the Internet using a single public IP address. The firewall (also built-in TMeter) defends your host or your network against unwanted intrusions from the Internet. The Traffic Shaper allows restricting the speed of the Internet access (for example, 256 kbit/s) for specific users. TMeter authorization agent allows authenticating the users from LAN using TMeter Native Authentication or Windows Domain Authentication. Moreover, you can construct TMeter filters and rules based on usernames to resolve the problem of the traffic accounting in networks with DHCP-allocated IP addresses and the problem with IP/MAC address spoofing.

Option 3: PRTG Internet Usage Meter

Description: Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor is an Internet usage meter that measures Internet usage for computers and in your entire network. In a few minutes, it can be set up to read traffic data from your router, which will then be displayed in clear, comprehensive graphs. With this Internet usage meter, you can measure Internet activity over the last 8-96 hours, and transferred data counts over the last days or 12 months. Naturally, this means that the bandwidth meter has to be left running constantly, or the results won't be accurate. So PRTG runs as a service to collect data even if you are not logged in.

Option 4: TCPView v3.05

Description: TCPView is a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including the local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections. On Windows Server 2008, Vista, and XP, TCPView also reports the name of the process that owns the endpoint. TCPView provides a more informative and conveniently presented subset of the Netstat program that ships with Windows. The TCPView download includes Tcpvcon, a command-line version with the same functionality.

Option 5: Colasoft Capsa Free

Description: Capsa Free is a must-have freeware network analyzer for Ethernet monitoring, troubleshooting, and analysis. It provides users with great experience to learn how to monitor network activities, pinpoint network problems, improve network security and so on. Moreover, Capsa Free is a perfect choice for students, teachers and computer geeks to learn protocols and networking technology knowledge.
Kimberley from PaesslerPRTG Product EvangelistCommented:
You could try PRTG, and use both the SNMP Traffic sensor and the Netflow sensor.  The SNMP one will tell you how much traffic you have on each port.  The Netflow one will tell you what type of traffic you have and who is using up the bandwidth, based on source IP, destination IP, TCP/UDP port, etc.

We offer a free 30-day trial version with unlimited sensors (what is a sensor?), and it will automatically revert to our free 100-sensor freeware version (free forever, with full functionality) after the 30 days.

If you'd like to see how this would look in PRTG, there are videos avaiable here on Experts Exchange, or directly on our website:

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