ZoneDirector 1200 - wireless client isolation by vlan/subnet

My company have Ruckus zonedirector1200 and would like to enable wireless client isolation by vlan/subnet. a whitelist was previously created with both IP and MAC address of gateway and DHCP and applied to 3 WLAN groups(SSID).
After 2 hours, all wireless clients were unable to access internet.
Our vendor explained it was due to multiple VLANs same MAC address even if they had different IP for each gateway and DHCP. They suggested to create whitelist with only MAC addresses.
Before applying the change again, I would like to seek for more comment if someone also had similar experience on the issue. Thanks!
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It doesn't. But given what your vendor mentioned, I was wondering if your router or firewall would be able to handle the duties of whitelist by MAC address and IP. (Sonicwalls would be simpler for this, but I'm not trying to suggest you replace them)
You might be able to solve at least part of your problem by moving the work to another device. What type of router/firewall do you have?
techy98Author Commented:
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techy98Author Commented:
I pressed enter to quick
cisco router and ASA fw
but how does it relate to enabling this feature in zonedirector?
techy98Author Commented:
Thanks! We finally set it up and it works fine and was able to access AP and internet.
Just one more question...there are also a few Apple TV that on the same VLAN and I added their MAC addresses to the whitelist. But we could not find those Apple TV on Macbook thru Airplay. Would it be something misconfigured?
I don't remember whether there are configurations that involve multicast DNS, but if there is, you need to make sure it's enabled.
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