How to enable a diasabled email account

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I have disabled a AD account and an Exchange mail account. I need the email to be forwarded now to another user. How do I keep the user account in AD disabled, however I'd like to give another user access to this disabled mailbox. How do I take it out of disabled status and give access to another user?


Jaime CamposAsked:
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FubrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are not skilled in powershell, you might try this….
Go to Exchange server, create a new user (for the purpose of this disabled mailbox).
(start > admin tools > active directory users and computers)
Right click on User OU (or OU in your domain structure) > New.
Create new user by filling out new user wizard box (username, password…ect.)
Close out when finished.

Now go to Exchange management console and go to the Disconnected Mailbox
(EMC > Recipient Configuration > Disconnected Mailbox)

You should see the disconnected mailbox you are wanting to connect.
Right click on mailbox > select “Connect”
Now follow the connect wizard to connect the mailbox.
Select “User Mailbox” , NEXT
Select “Existing users” > browse to the new user, enter the Alias of new user, NEXT
Check summary, click on “Connect”,  Finish

Now go back to the Disconnected Mailbox, and hit refresh… should not see the disconnected mailbox.
Go to the Mailbox link in EMC  (EMC > Recipient Configuration > Mailbox), and click on “Refresh”
You should see the new user mailbox.

Send a test email to new user……log on to OWA as new user and check to see if test email came through…

Now if all is good you can do one of two things (as suggest above)
Open new user mailbox and forward the email to another user you mention in start of question…
Or you can give that user access (permissions) to the mailbox and have your user add the mailbox as an additional mailbox in outlook as suriyaehnop mention.

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity UserBeingGrantedPermission -User disableduser -AccessRights 'FullAccess'

This will allow the user to access the mailbox of the disabled user in ad without enabling it

Is that what you wanted?
AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And this is how to configure email forwarding if that's what you want
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Hi nimdatx,
Not sure which exchange server you are running, but I am guess you had a user leave and now you are wanting to forward the email to another user.

I would go to exchange management console > Recipient configuration > Mailbox, right click on user and enable his mailbox.
Then right click on user and click properties from menu.
On the users properties box, click on "Mail Flow Setting tab > Highlight "Delivery Options" and click on the "Properties" button up above.

Now about halfway down on the delivery options box is a Forwarding address settings.
Check the box to "Forward to" and browse to the user you want to forward the email too.

Hope this helps, I'm use to using 2010 exchange, but thing shouldn't be to much different in newer versions (different interface).

Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
I am using Exchange 2010 and this users account is disabled in AD and Exchange. I wanted to provide full access permissions to the other user so they may access all mail from inbox. But now that account is disabled not sure how. I was going to try to enable AD account then navigate to disconnected users within Exchange and connect the mailbox. Then linking it back to original AD account. Once I got inbox listed on the other users Outlook I would then disable AD account. Thoughts?
suriyaehnopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you haven't disable/remove the mailbox, you can configure the mail forwarding to another user, so that any incoming maill will forward to another user.

To give another user to access that mailbox. Just right click on that mailbox and give "fullaccess" . After "fullaccess" been assigned, ask that another user to add the mailbox as addtional mailbox in outlook client
Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
I have disabled mail account in Exchange therefore it's in disconnected items
Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
THANK YOU! Now I reenabled the old AD account that was associated to the mailbox, would that work? It seem to not allow the user who has full access permissions into the inbox? I wasn't sure if it was due to the fact that the AD account was disabled at one point.
I guess I'm not following you....
If mailbox is\was disconnected, it needs to be connected to a user to access.
Is the mailbox connected to this user?

If it is just a permission issue, might make sure on server, that mailbox has "Full Access Permission" for the user trying to delegate it.
Then check the user outlook (that you connected the mailbox too) has full delegate permissions for the user that you want to access and delegate the mailbox (give them "Editor" rights.

Might also check your deletions\retention settings (CYA), as in Akhater link above. Not sure how long you have been working this issue but you don't want to have the disconnect mailboxes permanently deleted on you.

Exchange Management Console > Organization Configuration > Mailbox.
Click on Database management tab and right click on the Exchange DB you want to change and select properties. Select the Limits tab and there you can make your deleted item retention change. ( I would set it for something high until you resolve issue - deleted items 30, deleted mailboxes 60)

should be enough info to answer the question
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