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Ports to open for a Jump server

Nidhi Maheshwari
We want to restrict direct access to servers and databases in datacenter and mandate the use of Jump servers. Can someone advise on how to identify the port details that should be allowed from the source (Jump server) to destination. Both the Jump server and other servers are in the same Datacenter.

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Distinguished Expert 2019
What are you using as your jump server and what are the servers and databases? Without all of these kinds of details, it becomes impossible to answer your question.
Distinguished Expert 2019
on the firewalls for the 'servers' only allow inbound/outbound traffic to/from the jump servers.
needed ports depend of services you wish to use from jumpserver.
most secure is using less services.
mostly we use RDP only to go from jumpserver to other ressources. (TCP/UDP 3389)
we avoid installing sql management studio at the jump-server for example.
Hints should help to solve the problem.