SCCM - deploy using AD groups that have machine names

Created a deployment application in SCCM and if I just create a deployment and ad some machine names it, it will deploy the software. However, I am trying to set it up so the helpdesk people only have to add a machine name into an AD group and the software will deploy
Running SCCM 2012. Configuration of deployment is as follows:

Administration – Discovery methods
      Active Directory Group Discovery
            Checked – enable active directory group discovery
            Scopes – domain/users – location – yes – Site Server
                  Polling schedule – enable delta – 5 mins
                  Options – checked – only discover computers that have logged in since 90 days
                        Checked – discover the membership of distribution groups
      Active Directory User Discovery
            Checked – Enable Active Directory User Discovery
            Path: LDAP://DC=domainname,DC=local
            Checked – Recursive search
            Polling schedule – checked – enable delta – set to 5 mins

Assets and Compliance
      Device collections
            SCCM – Office 2016 – member count 0, members visible on site 0 Referenced collections o
                        Name – SCCM – office 2016
                        Limiting collection – all systems
                        Type – device
                  Membership Rules -       
                        SCCM – Office 2016
                              Name – SCCM – Office 2016
                              System Resource
      SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.SystemGroupName = "users\\SCCM - Office 2016"
                  Power management
                        Do not specify
                              Microsoft office Professions 2016 – application – Required – Install
                        Maintenance window – none specified
                        Collection variables – none specified
                        Out of band management – noe specified
                        Distribution point groups – none specified
                        Security – my account RMDRM
                        Alerts – none

Applications properties
      General Information
            Name: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
            Administrator Comments: Deploy Office 2016
            Publisher – Microsoft
            Software version – 32 BIT
      Application catalog
            Language – English
            Localized description – Deploying office 2016
            Nothing applied
      Distribution Settings
            Distribution priority – Medium
            Automatically download content when packages are assigned to distro point
      Deployment Types
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 - Windows Installer (*.msi file)
                  Allow clients to share content with other clients on same subnet
                  Slow – do not download
                  Uninstall - msiexec /x {90160000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE} /q
            Detection method – windows installer - {90160000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE} – this msi must exist
            User experience
                  Install for system
                  Whether or not a user is logged in
                  Max run time – 185
                  Estimated installation – 102
                  Determine behavior based on return codes
                  None listed
            Return codes – 0,1707,3010,1641,1618
            Dependencies – none listed
      Content locations
            \\sccm.domain.local – distribution point
            None listed

Deployment Config –
      Content – SCCM Server (Distribution Point)
      Deployment settings:
            Action – Install
            Purpose – required
            Check – Pre-Deploy software to the user’s primary device
            As soon as possible after the available time
      User experience
            Display in software center and show all notifications
            Check – software installation
            Check – System restart (if required)
            Check – Commit changes at deadline
            None set

Like I mentioned - the application does deploy if I create a deployment and just pick a few machines names, so I think the application part is OK, it is more likely in the device collection or some other system setting.

I did go to the client and went into control panel and Configuration Manager and manually ran all of the actions, then I let it bake overnight. Still nothing.
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fcbcAuthor Commented:
FOUND IT! In the device collection my query was referencing our\groupnmane and it should have been referencing domain\groupname
Muhammad MullaCommented:
Have you created a dynamic collection based on a security group?

The method for creating one is detailed:
fcbcAuthor Commented:
I do, and it is documented above. The only difference in my query is I have

and your documentation uses:

Not sure if that makes a difference. I will change it and give it a try.
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fcbcAuthor Commented:
That did not make a difference, count is still 0
Muhammad MullaCommented:
Has AD system group discovery been configured for the correct OUs? I would manually run a discovery as well
fcbcAuthor Commented:
If I create a collection manually and add the machine name in there, the deployment works.
Muhammad MullaCommented:
Yes. It should. The problem seems to be with your dynamic collection.
fcbcAuthor Commented:
Found the typo
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