NetWorker On CentOS

Hello Guys,
Does anybody works on networker on CentOS. I need some help starting it. It gives the error :
nsrexecd: Failed to resolve hostname Server1to an internet address. Please verify a mapping for Server1exists in the /etc/hosts file or DNS

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From the error message, it is trying to do reverse lookup for IP address to DNS name.

if you are using DNS, then add PTR record to your DNS. Please see:

If not using dns, then add line to /etc/hosts file for the IP and map to host name.
mos1234Author Commented:
Why are you giving me bind config DNS server is a Windoze!!!

Best Regs & Thank you
ok, please below link on how to add on windows dns:
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mos1234Author Commented:
Thanks for feedback...i guess this is true...but i dont wanna make change on dns server there a way to force NetWorker to reverse lookup locally on the linux box
try to add to local hosts file
mos1234Author Commented:
thank you omarfarid...i have tried it several times...does not now with EMC NetWorker Support...i'll keep you updated if we find some solution without modif on DNS Server.
What is the config in /etc/resolv.conf file?
mos1234Author Commented:
i will check tokorrow for this and let you know
Also, look at hosts: entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf
@ mos1234,

Is the issue resolved?
mos1234Author Commented:
solution was not found here sorry
Then the question should be deleted.
mos1234Author Commented:
Solution was through correcting name resolution problem on thé Linux.
It seems that NetWorker client is very sensitive to name resolution on Clients.
mos1234Author Commented:
Simply issuing hostname HOSTNAME command resolved the issue...!!!

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mos1234Author Commented:
That was Support solution
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