Camera connected to 65 inch LED TV1 (can we mirror video & audio on TV1 to TV2).

We need to set up a JHC Camera (via HDMI or USB) connected to a 65 inch LED TV1 in our Conference Room#1.  
In conference room 2, on a 65 Inch LED TV Monitor#2, we need to mirror (video & sound) what is being viewed & Audio on TV#1.
Are there any LED monitors and interface devices available to be able to be connected to provide the mirroring to have the Video & Audio available to TV2? The rooms are 100 feet from each other. The TV's will have Network & HDMI Cables from Room1 to Room2.
Bill C. FrenchAsked:
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viki2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Bill,
From experience I can tell that I used home 15m HDMI cable and the image quality was good for 1080HD.
15m is around 50 feet. You need double, so 100 feet is around 30m. I never tried that, so I cannot tell, so you must test it by yourself. But in case does not work as you expect, then a HDMI repeater/extender, somewhere at half distance may do the job.
Something like this:

Or you just use a HDMI splitter. That has active components inside which renew the signal level so it acts as repeater/extender.
What I would do to mirror the signal is next:
-      From the camera to the 1st TV you come with HDMI cable.
-      Near the 1st TV in the back you place a HDMI splitter which has as input your camera.
-      Then with output 1 of the HSMI splitter you connect your 1st TV.
-      From output 2 of the HDMI splitter you go in the 2nd room to the 2nd TV.
In this way you see the same image and have the same sound on both TV for sure.
Here is such kind of HDMI splitter:
I use home next one:
Maybe is the same and is an OEM splitter. Mine works great. I use it to get rid of HDCP due to Google Chromecast…
Now remains only to find out what is the best place to place that splitter in such way that you have shorter cable between the splitter and each TV. Maybe is not near/behind the TV1, but perhaps somewhere in different point to reduce the length of cable to TV2 and avoid a second repeater/extender.

HDMI to Ethernet converter is a very good option, even for longer distance (200 feet), but is more expensive.
An HDMI splitter + HDMI repeater/extender is under 50$.
100 feet might be a bit far, quality of HDMI cable to minimize interferrence....., but there are HDMI splitters, one input multiple outputs.
Camera  -> HDMI splitter input => two or more HDMI out...
Aaron TomoskyTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Don't run hdmi over 50ft, use a hdmi to Ethernet converter and back. Combined with the hdmi splitter as suggested above this would work.
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100ft is a "long" cable run

I would suggest using gigabit Ethernet HDMI extenders, such as

It is important to note that these are Ethernet devices, not IP devices, and so should be cabled directly together with CAT6 cable, on their own dedicated Gigabit Ethernet switch, or on a dedicated port based VLAN on existing gigabit switch(es).

The Lindy devices can do one to many, so by adding an additional receiver, you do not need a HDMI splitter.
HDMI over 10Meters is hit and miss, and depends a great deal on the quality of the cable and the power of the output from the device.
HDMI over Ethernet would be a better bet, but it would make more sense to use a small PC, ( an Intel NUC or probably even a raspberry Pi would do) and stream the video to both TVs using DLNA.
Scratch that, the JHC camera is probably a video coax output, so you need to use a coax aerial splitter.
If the TVs have digital tuners, you can't even connect it to either of them.
Additionally you can't just mirror it over HDMI or Ethernet, you need a video DAC.
So either a DVR with coax inputs and HDMI outputs, an analogue TVcard in a PC, or some sort of converter.
What model of camera are we lookin at?
If the camera is a security camera connected to A CCTV recording system, then you can on each TV connected to the network use the builtin web browser and see whether you can view the CCTV system......

Though the question clearly includes the options of HDMI and USB as outputs from the camera the individual has.
I can't find any JHC cameras which have USB or HDMI ports, but I could be looking in the wrong places.
The  questioner really needs to specify the model.
Bill C. FrenchAuthor Commented:
I really appreciated all of the questions and responses and found viki2000s response to be the best solution.
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