xenapp 78 shadowing options

we are switching from xenapp 6 to xenapp 78 server.
on Xenapp 6 we were sharing published desktop and admins were using microsft RDP manager within citrix  to shadow users. in RDP manager we can see all open session, with user login time, idle time  and   shadow any session with full keyboard and mouse control.
while on Xenapp 78 we also published desktop and use storefront server and netscaler to connect.
However,  we  can only see the option of using citrix director to shadow user session and with it there is no keyboard or mouse control?
how do  I get same functionality I had with Xepapp 6 and prior versions of citrix?
both VDA and Storefront are  installed on windows 2012 R2 STD
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft removed Shadowing, not Citrix. You can't legally shadow in View either if you use a Microsoft OS. Microsoft is also responsible for removing the ability to launch applications from the Notification area. Microsoft says this was all done to provide a consistent user expereince.

Don't blame Citrix.
Carl WebsterCommented:

Features not in this release

Shadowing users - In releases earlier than 7.x, administrators set policies to control user-to-user shadowing. In 7.x releases, shadowing end-users is an integrated feature of the Director component, which uses Windows Remote Assistance to allow administrators to shadow and troubleshoot issues for delivered seamless applications and virtual desktops.


Webster: This is a Microsoft decision and not due to Citrix.
leop1212Author Commented:
What is wrong with them? I can leave with them keep changing naming
like delivery console, etc but taking important feature which were there  for 20 year??????
they are pushing me to switch to VMware view.
is there Win 2012 RDP manager download? is there another way to shadow and control users?
leop1212Author Commented:
thank you Carl
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