migrating on premises exchange server 2010 to o365 hosted mail

I work at a 'not for profit'  company and I have been tasked with
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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
If you are planning to move all your mailboxes to O365 and stop using on-prem exchange.
You can do a cut-off migration.

Please take a look at BitTitan MigrationWiz for moving mailboxes and public folder as well.
BitTitan DeploymentPro for reconfiguring Outlook profiles without losing profile customization.

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Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Because you have an Exchange 2010 server you can configure it for hybrid with O365 and move the mailboxes.

The BitTitan toolset is awesome too.

Don't really know how much detail you are looking for.

Jambon316Author Commented:
lol apologies guys! for some reason almost nothingaqaqaa A
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Jambon316Author Commented:
lol apologies guys! for some reason almost nothingaqaqaa A
Jambon316Author Commented:
lol apologies guys! for some reason almost nothingaqaqaa A
Felicia KingCommented:
Microsoft will perform the migration for you if you are a non-profit with under 100 mailboxes.
You have said nothing about the number of mailboxes involved, so there is no information about whether hybrid or cutover would be best.
Hybrid is the cleanest, but it is likely that your on-premise infrastructure will need remediation first.
Cutover can be OK, but it leaves a LOT of garbage behind. You must properly decommission your on-premise Exchange server.
BitTitan can only effectively move the mailboxes for you.

I suggest you contact Microsoft or another Office 365 migration expert instead of trying to do it yourself. If you actually need consulting assistance, contact me. I have moved over 30,000 mailboxes to O365 and done many hybrid migrations.
Jambon316Author Commented:
okay, sorry about the lack of detail yesterdaguys...twice dropped extensive details as I was typing it.

so the reason we doing this is so we remove the exchange role from an over -worked server.

I am conducting ausur
Jambon316Author Commented:
ok,so we have just under a hundred staff but a large number don't have individual mailboxes.

so we have about 40 busy email users ... as I mentioned we are a local charity , effectively making the budget as close to zero as I can get  it.

checking out some of the links I saw  a doecawhole
Felicia KingCommented:
If you have zero budget, then you will probably not be able to get the project done properly. If you were to allocate $2000 towards a consulting assistance budget, you would probably be able to get the entire project done effectively by partnering with an experienced consultant.
Email migrates are too complex and too unique to every migration to expect that free assistance through a forum is going to be effective. I certainly would not stake my job on it. Contact Microsoft and see what they will do for you for free.
Deeksha NegiServer AdministratorCommented:

A tool that helps to migrate all the mailbox items (emails, calendars, contacts, notes & tasks) is SysTools Exchange to Office 365 tool. My company has used this tool and & we are very much satisfied with the results. I would like to recommend this software to you as well. To know more about this application, you visit the link below:

Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

PS: I would suggest to use the trial version before you invest on this tool. (just to check if the tool satisfies your needs.)

All the best!
Jambon316Author Commented:
Hi guys,
Thanks for the suggestions, I did not know that I could get assistance from the ms fast track team as part of our non-profit licence...

Did the migration by myself in the end in just under a week. Set up a hybrid configuration and with no 3rd party tools or engineers.

Just followed the wizards from Microsoft really, gets a little confusing in the middle where a wizard has suggested using another wizard to do stuff but generally it all came good. The fast track team have been awesome in confirming the work I had done was right. I'm so pleased that I did this alone, saved the organisation £2000 so . Yay!
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