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  • Last Modified: SQL insert images in a folder into a SQL table


I have a folder on my desktop called "MyPics". I have a SQL table called Pics with three columns: ID, Pic, Detail.
What code would I use to insert all the pics in my folder into the SQL table in my Windows Forms application?

Murray Brown
Murray Brown
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Murray BrownMicrosoft Cloud Azure/Excel Solution DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi. Thanks, but I was looking for code
Máté FarkasDatabase Developer and AdministratorCommented:
Dim Conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection("<connection_string_to_sql_database>")
Dim Comm As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand("INSERT INTO Pics(Pic) Values(@Pic)", Conn)
Dim Stream As FileStream = New FileStream("<full_path_to_file>", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)
Dim Reader As BinaryReader = New BinaryReader(Stream)
Dim Photo() As Byte = Reader.ReadBytes(Stream.Length)


Comm.Parameters.Add("@Pic",  SqlDbType.Image, Photo.Length).Value = Photo

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Murray BrownMicrosoft Cloud Azure/Excel Solution DeveloperAuthor Commented:
thanks very much
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