Empty/blank form dispalys no fields when opened in form view.

I created a form in Access 2013 with fields from a few different tables, macros to open form and go to new record. All was working quite well but now when I click to open the form all I see is my header and a blank form in the details (data entry)  area. When in design view, I see all my fields and the layout of the form. So when I open the form, it is blank.
Any thoughts/ideas?
Earl WolfAsked:
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Earl WolfConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It worked after I removed some Macros from the form. I also changed all the record sources to their correct fields.
Thanks again Pat
The form probably doesn't allow additions and the recordsource is not returning any records.
Earl WolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks Pat. I will check these settings. Earl
Earl WolfAuthor Commented:
PatHartman gave me a suggestion. I tried it and it worked. Problem solved.
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