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PowerPoint 2016 (PC & Mac) to MP4 video problems with embedded audio narrations

I have a presentation which contains professionally recorded narrations from a studio (very high quality).

These are being used to narrate a fairly complex presentation with lots of storyboard sequencing (animation).

When I export the file as the highest quality 1920x1080 video in MP4 format on the PC version of PowerPoint 2016 (Office 365, 16.0.7167.2060) I am getting audio glitching in random places which includes phasing, noise spikes and missing syllables. I've tried embedding the audio narrations in the PowerPoint deck in various formats such as WAV, MP3 and Microsoft's recommended M4a and while the results differ, none produce perfect audio quality compared with the source audio played during the slide show or outside of PowerPoint in a standalone media player. I tried exporting the video on a very different spec PC and got the same result.

The source audio has been produced at 44.1kHz, 16 bits using the codec corresponding to the file container : WAV/PCM, MP3/MP3, M4a/MPEG2/4.

I then tried on OSX (Yosemite 10.10.5) with PowerPoint:mac 2016 (Office 365, 15.26.160910) to see if the performance was better with the exact same PPTX file. The time to create the file was incredibly quick compared to the PC but to my surprise, the exported MP4 video doesn't contain an audio track at all. I made sure the relevant options were set as follows:

PowerPoint:mac 2016 export to MP4 options
How can I create a video from PowerPoint (PC or Mac) with perfect audio?

Finally, as an aside, I had to scrap my initial AV sync method of using bookmarks in the audio files to trigger animations as they did not always work in the exported video from the PC version of PowerPoint 2016 although they do work in 2013!

It looks like the video export feature of PowerPoint is far from stable!
Jamie Garroch
Jamie Garroch
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1 Solution
I know your problem very well as I went through similar difficulties.
I worked under Windows only.
I made power point presentations with a lot of slides, high quality photos, animations, music background and movies.
Then I wanted to share online and the only easy solution was to make everything mp4 and then to make a small website.
My files had up to 250MB one file. I had initially up to 22 files, various sizes and complexity and then I compressed them in less PowerPoint files. After a while I made next small website. If you click any picture you may see the result of the Power Point to MP4 conversion.
Now back to the problem.
I have tried various PowerPoint to video converters as next for example Movavai or Wondershare PPT2Video.
The Wondershare worked better, but gave those sound delays, out of sync.
It may be related with the power processing of the computer. I used Intel i5, notebook, Lenovo with 8GB RAM and SSD and I stopped all the background programs. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes was bad result and took a lot of time. If you have a better computer it may work for you.
So I decided another way: to play the PowerPoint and record the screen.
I have tried many screen recorders as fraps and another list of them. It seems that Camtasia is the solution as it worked fine for me. You can have a trial version for download. You record also the audio and you may set the recording audio parameters. Record the audio out line, not the microphone.
This is the solution that worked for me and I recommend it for you too: screen recording when the power point runs normally.
Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you for sharing you knowledge Viki2000 and your lovely website. I am using a MacBook Pro with a 2.3GHz i7 and 16GB of RAM which I have assigned 8GB to my Windows 10 VM. But to eliminate the VM as a possible source of the issue, I tried on a Lenovo PC with 4GB RAM and the audio glitches appear in exactly the same position.

I have since discovered that Microsoft know about the limitation on PowerPoint:mac 2016 whereby neither embedded audio or video files are exported to video! I can't believe they released the feature without supporting embedded narrations!

EE Question : Why does PowerPoint:mac 2016 not include audio when exporting to video?
Microsoft release limitation

So I too tried screen capturing yesterday  with another TechSmith product, Snagit. It didn't work on the Mac side because there is a known issue that Snagit 3 cannot record the 64 bit version of PowerPoint:mac 2016! (TechSmith is working on a solution for Snagit 4). I do have a licensed copy of Camtasia for Windows though and that is what I will try next. If that works, I'll come back to this question to close it.
Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperAuthor Commented:
New Flash : Microsoft products don't work as expected. Camtasia is the only method I could find on both PC and Mac to get an accurate HD 1920x1080 video with all audio narrations and sequencing synchronised.
I am glad it worked for you too.
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