Windows 10 update still going on after 19 hours

My Windows 10 laptop started an update 19 hours ago and is still whirring away... Is this within the bounds of expectation? (i.e WTF?)  Please see screenshot with the little white dots going round in circles.

Thanks very much
David PhelopsAsked:
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David PhelopsAuthor Commented:
I shut down the system and restarted with the system menu
Rolled back the BIOS

That seems to have done the trick for the moment......

Thanks for the initial nudge in the right direction.
Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
If it's been sat at that screen for 19 hours it sounds like something has hung.

It's entirely at your own risk, but in this situation I'd restart the system - it should revert any changes or at least allow you to boot into safe mode to find out what happened.
David PhelopsAuthor Commented:
Thank you - I will take that risk....
David PhelopsAuthor Commented:
I followed Andy M initial instruction to abandon the upgrade, then worked out what to do from there  Is that fair?
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