How to transfer folders (PC-based) from a USB external HD to an iPad Air 2?

I have converted my wife's HP PC to an iPad Air 2.  I now need to transfer the contents of three folders (Documents, Downloads, and Pictures, totalling 1.47 GB), which I have stored on a USB External HD (Seagate GO-Flex), to the iPad Air 2. How can I accomplish that requirement? Appreciatively, Arbyem
R_Bruce_MorrisColonel (Retired)Asked:
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xtermieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can always use a laptop or PC to upload the contents to the cloud (dropbox or cloud account with Apple ID) and download to the iPad Air 2.  Unless you have a USB port or adapter so you can connect your USB drive directly onto the iPad (described in this video:
R_Bruce_MorrisColonel (Retired)Author Commented:
Hi xtermie: Thanks. I will cause this question to be closed. Arbyem
R_Bruce_MorrisColonel (Retired)Author Commented:
Great approach - except that I do not know how the iPad Air 2 stores its data (obviously not like the PC or MacBook Pro).  Where does the iPad Air 2 store its data, and how can it be accessed? - obviously the basis of a separate question!
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