WD External HDD Unrecognized

I've got a Western Digital External HDD that works fine on my other machine, for some reason when I plug into my second machine I'm presented with "USB Device Unrecognized" error.  I've gone to C:\Windows\System32\DRIVERS\wdcsam64.sys and deleted it.
1st time I copied the driver from my system that works to my system that does not work, same error.  I deleted it again and did not copy the driver, (hoping windows would go and get the latest) it did not got same error.

Please any suggestions are appreciated as I've got some critical data backed up on this drive.
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Have you confirmed that it works fine on another machine after these problems started?

Have you tried multiple USB ports on the second machine?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It appears the drive is OK because it works fine on another machine.

There is software on the drive related to the drive. Maybe get it on the other machine to a Flash key and install on the first computer.

Did you try a different USB port.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Plug it back into your first machine before doing anything else.  Make a copy of the data then begin your troubleshooting.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Probably your issue is related to the USB port of the machine in trouble and the cable of your HDD.
It seems that the HDD draws the maximum the USB port could provide but the USB port on the machine in question fails to deliver the load (for a number of reasons from corrosion to micro spikes in the USB port that cause micro burns on the USB contacts)
Usually a shorter but thick cable (USB) can resolve the problem...so do try to find one to test it...
It would be great to check in a third (or more) machines....if on all the other machines the Disk is recognized quick then it is USB port related....if it takes some time in every case then normally is the cable.
ManieyaK_CSSPAuthor Commented:
Thank Guys for the comments, yes I've tried it on multiple USB ports on the machine get the same "Unrecognized USB Device" error.  On the second machine it's recognized in under 30 seconds as expected.  I will try on a third machine tomorrow
Did the drive ever work ok on this system?
does the WD drive have its own power supply?  often the system cannot deliver enough power on USB2 - and this causes the problem
what happens exactly?  i suppose you get the notification sound -  then the error?
look in device manager if there is some error  - or in event viewer for more info
you can also remove other usb devices, to lower the load; or try another port
if you have usb 3 ports -test on these also

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ManieyaK_CSSPAuthor Commented:
This issue was due to the chipset drivers
tx for the info
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