Mounting a usb attached drive into UBUNTU 16.04 LTS running on a mac in Parallels in OS X 10.11.06

Mark Litin
Mark Litin used Ask the Experts™
I have a disk that  is formatted with an EX4  Linux file system on a 2 TB Seagate hard drive connected to my Mac with a USB bridge. I need info off of that disk, so on my mac I installed parallels and Ubuntu 16.04. LTS.  In Parallels preferences, under Devices, the USB / ATA/ATAPI bridge is connected to Ubuntu Linux.  I have another USB external disk formatted NTFS connected where file system can successfully see in the Files Application.

The problem is that I cannot see the usb bridge connected seagate 2 TB disk listed in the File application.  Do I need to mount it?  How can I make this visible?

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Rather than trying to  passthrough USB, I would suggest a different approach


Duncan RoeSoftware Developer
In the Ubuntu system, in a command-line window enter cat /proc/partitions You either will see your device there or you will not.
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2tb drives need more power than mac can give.
Plug your macbook to electricity first.
then install fuse and ext4 drivers.
watch the icon appear on your desktop
Duncan RoeSoftware Developer

Good point!
Another alternative is to use a powered USB hub.
(Always assuming that the 2TB drive is USB-powered)

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