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strDist challenge


I am working on below challenge.
Psedo code:
1. find length of str starting and ending with sub.
2. return the length

I wrote my code as below and not passing all tests
public int strDist(String str, String sub) {
   if (str.length() <2){ 
	    	return 0;
	    if (str.startsWith( sub) {
	    	return 1 + strDist(str.substring(2));
	    	else {
		   return strDist(str.substring(1));

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i am getting below error

Compile problems:

Error:      return 1 + strDist(str.substring(2));
The method strDist(String, String) in the type Shell is not applicable for the arguments (String)

see Example Code to help with compile problems
Any improvements or alternate approaches?      

please advise
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