Help me recover from a huge mistake

I made an enormous mistake. I didn't make a copy of my database before making a macro change. I wanted to hide the Navigation Pane before I released the database for others to use. I went in and followed the instructions that were on Microsoft Office to select WindowsHide and when I reopened my database its all gone. Its just a giant grey screen. Nothing is there. I had already turned off the ribbon, so I can't even see that. I'm praying someone has a solution. I just finished everything. I'll have to rebuild the entire db. with all the data. I'm about to have a heart attack. Obviously, I'm a novice user, but I should have known better.
Tina ScoginAsked:
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I'm not an expert at Access, but there are numerous ways to look at the data.  I'd start there (after backing the file up, of course!).  For example, you can get to it from a different Access database.  You should also be able to undo the WindowsHide this way.  My bet is that you ended up hiding everything.
Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
I guess you've created a macro called autoexec. If so, just create a new macro and save it as autoexec again. Access should prompt to replace the last. Say yes. Then close and reopen the database and delete the macro that now should be visible
Tina ScoginAuthor Commented:
I did indeed. I'm not sure how I can create a macro when I have no Ribbon or the ability to get the Ribbon back in order to create a new macro. Thank you both for trying to help, but I think I well and truly screwed this up. For the low price of $39 I found a service that would recover it for me. It's worth it to me, though I'm sure I'll regret it later. Thanks again for trying.
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Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
Another chance: Hold the shift key while you open the database, then press alt+F11. This should show you back at least the code window

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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
As Ferruccio said, just hold the shift key down while opening the DB.

The autoexec will not execute then.

Tina ScoginAuthor Commented:
You are both brilliant. Hold Shift while opening, definitely worked, I just tried it. But I had calmed down some what and tried the first suggestion, which honestly should have occurred to me immediately, Open a new DB and Import everything but the bad macro that caused all the problems. Jeez.

I'm all fixed. I have my db back. Thanks for the help.
Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
@I'm all fixed. I have my db back. Thanks for the help.
And saved $39 :D

Glad to have helped you
Tina ScoginAuthor Commented:
Okay. Now that I've found you geniuses.....

How do I solve the original problem I had, which is: I don't want the "users" to have access to the Navigation Pane so they can screw up what I've built. How can I had the Navigation Pane open Open? I created a macro that hides the ribbon an a "secret" admin button that I am the only one that knows its there. When I click it a macro runs to bring back the Ribbon. Can I piggy back on those macros?
Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
You should close this q. by accepting a comment as answer and open a new question for your original problem...
crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
to show Navigation Pane, if you didn't disallow it, press F11.
'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Navigation Pane code
Sub HideDBWindow()
   DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, "MyTablename", True
   RunCommand acCmdWindowHide
End Sub

Sub UnHideDBWindow()
   DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, "MyTablename", True
End Sub

'this is a procedure to show a few things about the Navigation Pane in the debug window
Sub NavPane()
   With CurrentDb
      Debug.Print "Show Navigation Pane Search Bar = "; .Properties("Show Navigation Pane Search Bar")
      Debug.Print "NavPane Closed: "; .Properties("NavPane Closed")
      Debug.Print "NavPane Width: "; .Properties("NavPane Width")
   End With

End Sub

Open in new window

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