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Restoring files from Windows Server Backup

  I have SBS2011 server where all the files on it have been encrypted by Zepto virus.
  So I can't open any of the files. Kaspersky said that they don't have any tool to decry-pt the files.
  I have been doing Windows Server Backup on an external USB hard drive.
  I wanted to start restoring process, but  Kaspersky technician recommended that I wait for the hard drive scan is completed (I am currently running Kaspersky virus scan on SBS2011)  and it may take hours.
  So I am thinking about setting up Windows 2008 Server OS on a separate computer and perhaps try to restore files from the backup USB drive.
  Since this computer (that I install W2008) does not have a record/log for all the backups done on the USB drive, how can I (1) check to see what has been backed up and (2) restore files from this USB hard drive to the local computer hard drive?
  I personally prefer to restore files from backup ext. USB drive directly to SBS2011 server, if that is a good idea.
  Thank you.
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