Can't use Updater due to automatic kernel upgrade


I've got Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop ed. w/ kernel ver. 3.16 About a month ago I allowed the system to upgrade the kernel to ver. 4.xx, but after that I couldn't boot my system, so I re-installed everything from Clonezilla image and now I have again 3.16 It's all nice, but everyday I see this annoying upgrade proposal and what's even worse is that I think that I can't install any Ubuntu updates, since I get this kernel upgrade box and when I close it, then there's no update at all. You can take a look at those two print screens I've added.
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should not be using unsupported updates.  Usually, security and recommended should not have issues on install.  Only time I found issues following an update us the wrong answer on the question before Renoir dealing with the iodate to the boot revord.

It is unclear to me what you are after.
You are prompted for the update, you can always say no.

The issue with it updating, a point is reached that your system is so out of date that it San not update .........requiring adding new...
Different distribution have different approaches to upgrade policies, Ubuntu upgrades to the next new version of every application. If your needs are such that all the major/minor version of applications kernel should be maintain, redhat/centos uses update policy to preserve the major version, with slight minor version adjustment in rare cases.
Thus, preserving your setup.

You can look at your update settings.  
You are also using a desktop version versus a server version.
Member_2_7970041Author Commented:
I know what I'm using. And I heard about Redhat and CentOS. My update settings are on one of the attached print screens here. So what's the solution? Either to upgrade to 16.04 or to live without updates for awhile?
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Yes, when update went through identifying the cause for the boot failure...
Change your update settings to only update the first two selections, no unsupported updates.
Security usually is the most important, recommended should be on a case by case basis.
Member_2_7970041Author Commented:
Someone gave me an idea of downgrading my kernel from 3.16 to 3.13, so it would be supported till the end. I'm using 14.04.1
Member_2_7970041Author Commented:
Another idea was to use Synaptic. I usually preferred not to use it and go with a default option.
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