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canon dr 2010c duplex scan

hello, i have one question.. is posible make duplex scan that both side of the papir scanner save as one, that is, as one document.. means to unite the front and back of paper...

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It depends on the functions of the printer/scanner. You cannot make it duplex if the function is not included.

What you can do is print odd pages, turn the output stack over into the paper tray and then print even pages. That will work, but you need to test to see which way to put in the stack. You may have to reverse the order - depends on the printer and the driver.
Also if you are scanning into a file, you can organize pages in the file.
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Depending on your scanning program, it will be smart enough to combine the pages into one document (usually PDF). If the supplied apps aren't smart enough, try to use more expensive ones like Nuance Paperport.
There's also an article right here on EE about this subject:
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First my English is not so good, but I think you will understand me..
so far I organized the image in the file but i think with duplex  that now I should not do this anymore... i use scanner for scan postcards.. if i will send scans direct to aplication from scanner he also sends only one side and other side i have to transfer my self ..
If the scanner is not duplex (it seems it is not), then you need to scan one side, keep the file open, and then scan the other side.

I think I understand you perfectly now and thank you for clarifying.
You do not understand me i have duplex scanner canon dr 2010c  but when it scans both sides of a document it saves them as two separate documents, and i want them to be saved on the same page as one file. how do i do that?
need answer from someone exeperienced with canon dr2010c?

Check the settings of the scan. I do not use your scanner, but I do use duplex scanners and there is a setting for theh scan to include both sides in one document.
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