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OpenELEC on Raspberry PI 3 Tethered Access Point

I setup OpenELEC on Raspberry PI 3 as  a Tethered Access Point. But connecting to this AP is pointless, there is no dhcp server running or anything that lets me communicate. Is this AP just supposed to bridge to the NIC port or can I use it standalone to access OpenElec via the AP?
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Jackie ManCommented:
openelec is not a standalone server and it includes kodi for media streaming.

In kodi, you will need a Tethered Access Point and openelec serves the purpose.

itniflAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the correction, but I already know how to turn on the tethered access point. The difference between Kodi and OpenELEC isn't really the issue here either.

My problem is that when I connect to it with Wifi, there is no communication protocol established. The Wifi interface ends up with an APIPA address.

The article says (have seen it before by the way): "Believe it or not, you are done!"
But as I say, there is no talking with OpenELEC: http://openelec.tv/forum/69-network/81238-raspberry-pi-3-wifi-tethering-query
OpenELEC follows JEOS philosophy. It may not contain enough of iptables to sustain tethering (i.e iptables NAT) or services that one takes for granted (some DHCP server)
While it is new and you cannot lose much of history may I suggest to try something Debian or Ubuntu LTS -based instead? (sure pay attention that H.264 bits are in place in distribution)
An Access Point does not include DHCP, you would usually provide DHCP from a DHCP server on the network.

Tethering would usually mean running a Mobile Phone as a WiFi hotspot, this would be the combination of an Access Point, DHCP and (usually) NAT on the mobile phone to provide Internet access to WiFi devices via the data capabilities of the phone.

If you wanted to a use a 3G dongle on a RPi to provide a similar function, I would suggest using a full distro to have all of the usual tool available.
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