Citrix xendesktop requirements and recommendations

Hi Citrix Experts

we are going to install Xenddesktop  in our environment

we have only windows server 2012 R2 data center license  so for sure we will use 2012 R2 as OS

but we don't know about versions

7.6 LTSR   Long Term Service Release  

it is not really clear for me what this mean

i mean if we will buy 7.6 LTRS license can we install 7.8  or  7.11  i don't know what the latest version now or what exactly

and i am also confused about which MS SQL i have to use

so question 1

when we buy 7.6 LTSR  can we install the latest version

question 2

how can i find the compatibility list for DB and OS and etc for Xendesktop versions

question 3

the same about netscaler which version and depend on what number of users etc

i just want links on Citrix site which hold such information

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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
7.11 just adds support for 2016 both for XenApp and for infrastructure. You can have XenApp 7.11 running on Server 2016 LTSR to offer desktops and or apps. You can also install Studio, Controller, License Server, StoreFront, Director and PVS on Server 2016.
Carl WebsterCommented:
LTSR - long term service release is designed for those who want to only update the product about every 18 months.CR - current release is designed for those who want to stay on the latest update. Citrix is releasing new CR updates about every 3 months. For some businesses, that is just way too often so they use LTSR. Citrix puts out a CU - cumulative update - for LTSR about every 4 months. Those CU updates are just hotfixes rolled into one supported package.

If you decide to go with LTSR, Citrix assumes you do not want the latest versions of ANY product. If you call in for support, you will be required to be on the LTSR supported releases of all components.

If you want to use any of the latest versions of any components (PVS, StoreFront, Receiver, XenApp, XenDesktop, Director, etc) then go with the CR updates. You do NOT have to update every 3 months. You just update when you want but you are free to mix and match components from any version.
sword12Author Commented:
i would like to than James for these links which include important information for me

and also i would like to thank Carl

so as i understand from Carl  7.6 ltsr  will good option for us if we do not really care about the latest features

in other words 7.6 ltsr will give us good stability bug fixed long term stable support

but if we deiced to with the latest like 7.8 or maybe newer . we will enjoy the latest feature but we will pay stability  price   and maybe we will face new issues that nobody solve them yet

so we have to check what kind of features that the latest version has and think if we really need them otherwise it is better for us to buy 7.6 LTSR  or ?

i checked this link and i found that Citrix with new vesrion will give better intgration for SFB and we are going to use SFB also so what do you think . i need your advice 7.6 LTSR  or   7.8   kindly advice

Carl WebsterCommented:
Why 7.8? Citrix just released 7.11, 3 months after releasing 7.9 which was released 3 months after 7.8.

What is SFB?
sword12Author Commented:
OH sorry Carl

yes i saw 7.11  but i thought is support only windows server 2016   and we have  2012 R2

SFB Skype for business
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