Outlook 2013 - shared folders


We're using Microsoft Outlook 2013.  I checked the account settings in the software and I can see Microsoft Exchange listed.

The problem:

We have a shared mailbox with too many nested folders that is causing performance problems.  I created a PST file and moved some of the older folders and emails to it to lighten the load on our main shared mailbox. The problem is I'm the only one who can see the new folders. When I go on to co-workers' computers who share the problem mailbox with me, I can't see new the PST file and folders I created. I only see them on my computer.

I need instructions on how to set up a PST file or some other method of moving folders out of an overloaded shared mailbox so that the archived folders and files will be available to all in our shared mailbox group to see and use.

Thank you.
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Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
If you move the data in the folders to a PST file, then that information is not on the server anymore. PSTs can't be viewed without opening an actual copy of the file. If you were to send each of these users a copy of the PST file and opened it in outlook, they would be able to view things normally, but the data in the PST file wouldn't be in the Exchange mailbox anymore, since moving things deletes the copy in the mailbox.
Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
HI there, i see similar issues to this, generally i dont use Cached mode on shared folders mailboxes, untick the section highlighted in the image, once done, close and reopen outlook, check performance, if ok, do the same on other machines, and drag all those emails back into it

Untick this box, see if you get better performance
Let me know how you get on

dbfromnewjerseyAuthor Commented:
To reply to Adam Brown...if not PST files, then what is an alternative method to moving folders and files to another location so that all members in our shared email box group have access to them?
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

dbfromnewjerseyAuthor Commented:
To reply to Jamelive...I checked the server settings and they're already set up the way they appear in your screen print. Don't understand what instructions you're trying to give.
Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
Hi There

The tick box that is highlighted with the red rectangle, should be unticked, then close an open outlook and try again as per my original post.
dbfromnewjerseyAuthor Commented:
Sorry Jamielive...I originally overlooked your comment above the screen shot. I'll try it but I hope it doesn't cause any data loss.  Will follow up shortly.
Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
i promise no data loss, its held in exchange ;)
dbfromnewjerseyAuthor Commented:
OK this is weird.  On my computer, the shared mailbox is listed in the account settings window, so I'm able to get to the window and uncheck the box like in the screenshot above.  However, I check a couple of my co-workers' computers and even though the shared mailbox is available to them just as it is to me, it's not listed on their computers under account settings.  So, I can't seem to be able to make any changes even if I wanted to.  The only mailbox listed in their account settings window is their personal mailbox.  Any idea why?
Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
Hi again, There could be a few reasons,

However, untick yours, restart outlook to make the changes as per the last email and see how performance goes.. Hope fully ite better

If this tickbox in the image below is unticked on the other machines, that would explain it

up and above this though, how many subfolders are you refering too ?

    Maximum number of subfolders per mailbox folder         No Limit 1000
      Warning for number of subfolders per mailbox folder   No limit 900

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      dbfromnewjerseyAuthor Commented:
      We have approximately 600 folders.  Each one only contains a few documents though.  Anywhere from a few to about 30 emails per folder.  However, I came across a Microsoft webpage sometime back that said if you have over 500 folders, regardless of how many documents are in each, problems can occur. And that was an actual Microsoft webpage, not some third party giving their opinion.
      dbfromnewjerseyAuthor Commented:
      Below is the link to the Microsoft page I referred to in my previous post.  Notice it says problems can occur if you have over 100,000 items per folder OR over 500 folders.  Your folders could all be empty but if you have over 500 of them, problems can occurs.  What we have in our shop is over 500 folders but very few items per folder.  In any given folder, there may be 30 or 40 emails tops.

      Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
      Can you advise if you changed the part above? does it make any difference ?
      dbfromnewjerseyAuthor Commented:
      I tried it but it hasn't corrected the problems.   I believe our issue is that we have too many nested folders.  The Microsoft link I posted previously states that problems can occur once you go over 500 folders and we have over that number (probably around 550 or 600).
      Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
      Sounds like you have some reorganising to try and progress this one,

      Shout if you have any other questions!

      Have a great weekend.

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