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Outlook 2013 - shared folders


We're using Microsoft Outlook 2013.  I checked the account settings in the software and I can see Microsoft Exchange listed.

The problem:

We have a shared mailbox with too many nested folders that is causing performance problems.  I created a PST file and moved some of the older folders and emails to it to lighten the load on our main shared mailbox. The problem is I'm the only one who can see the new folders. When I go on to co-workers' computers who share the problem mailbox with me, I can't see new the PST file and folders I created. I only see them on my computer.

I need instructions on how to set up a PST file or some other method of moving folders out of an overloaded shared mailbox so that the archived folders and files will be available to all in our shared mailbox group to see and use.

Thank you.

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