Windows Server 2003 - GPO - User account with No password

Hi there,

I have a client that needs to have a user account to have NO password.

In Windows Settings / Security Settings / Account Policies / Password must meet complexity requirements = Disabled.

No other OU has a GPO enforcing Password complexity requirements.

I still cannot reset the password nothing.

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Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
What is a the client OS?  In many cases, a null password will break other stuff, besides being an obvious security risk.

What is the "big picture" here? Perhaps there is a better way?

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ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Hi Malmensa,

Windows XP

There are a few PCs where everyone has access where they have to do very frequently low-security tasks.  Every time they are asked to enter a password and it slows them down.

ReneGeAuthor Commented:
The client specifically asked to remove the password for this user; which is used for these PCs.
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ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
"Low security tasks" seems fine, however I have seen sites where one morning their server is nothing but a repository for child porn and stolen credit card numbers.  Lots of hackers out there just want access to your machine, not your data.

A possible solution for you would be to set a default username and password. These are kept in the machine's registry, and used when powered on. Once this is done, from the user's perspective, it is as though the machine just goes straight to the desktop, however "behind the scenes" a password is being used. Users need not know it. Quite simple to do, with a couple of registry tweaks.
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Hi Malmensa,

You asked me: What is the "big picture" here? Perhaps there is a better way?

That made me reflect on the real need rather than the client's request.

It turns out that all PCs due to a GPO were setup to lock after 10 minutes of inactivity.

I removed this and problem solved.  They now don't care to have a password anymore since they don't need to always unlock these PCs :)

Thanks for your help!  Greatly appreciated!!
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
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