HP P440ar Smart Array

May i know how many i can create in this controller ?
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Roman khanConnect With a Mentor System AdministratorCommented:
Its depend on raid type n no of disk u have in ur environment. Ans will b more specific if u share some thing abt u environment like no of disks u have. Either u want performance or resiliency etc.
Roman khanSystem AdministratorCommented:
Well this controller support upto 26 physical drive and Raid Standard on this controller are Raid6 Raid60 and Raid1.
YaYangTeahAuthor Commented:
Actually my question what is the maximum array we can create for the controller.
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YaYangTeahAuthor Commented:
No body know the answer  ?
I don't think there is a stated maximum size to a logical disk you can create if that's what you're asking. There's a claimed limit of 200 physical disks but it's really down to how many you can connect to it using expanders. Assuming 6TB disks that's a tad over 1 PB not that you're likely to have the enclosures to reach 200 disks.

There's probably a limit of just over 9PB due to it having 64 bit internal architecture but HPE don't mention that, probably because they don't have enough money to buy 9PB of disks.
At a guess though you're getting a warning message trying to create a logical disk over 2.2TB because you would either have to enable UEFI instead of BIOS or create more than one logical disk on the array.
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