Acitve Directory name change

I changed a user’s last name in active directory under the “properties” ‘General” tab, but the display name listed under "Users" has not changed. I did this yesterday and both domain controllers show the last name changed under the ”General” tab, just not under the “Users” list.  Any ideas?

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sAMAccountNameSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
They are different properties.  You can see all the properties which contain the old name using:
Get-ADUser -Identity <username> -Properties *

Open in new window

You can go through all the properties on the user and update those which dont reflect the name change using:

Just dawned on me - You can also update property values using ADUC.  Enable the "Advanced Features" view in ADUC, then open the users properties and select the "Attributes" tab.

You can edit the old name from any of the properties in there.
cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
Advanced features are showing.  Do't see a way to change the name in the Users list.
sAMAccountNameSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Look at the attributes tab.  All the properties for the user object are listed and editable in there.  You should be able to see every property that still has the old last name in it and update it.
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cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
This is a 2003 AD controller.  I don't see an attributes tab under the user name.

sAMAccountNameSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Aaaaahhhhh...  2003

Well, that changes things.  I dont have a 2003 DC in front of me, but try this:  In ADUC, browse to the user account you want to update.  Right-click it and select "Rename".  If memory serves me, you should be presented with a dialog to "Rename User" which allows you to update a bunch of different name related fields.

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cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
That was it.  How did I miss that simple step?  Thanks for your help
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