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mapBully challenge


 I am working on below challenge

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Modify and return the given map as follows: if the key "a" has a value, set the key "b" to have that value, and set the key "a" to have the value "". Basically "b" is a bully, taking the value and replacing it with the empty string.

mapBully({"b": "dirt", "a": "candy"}) → {"b": "candy", "a": ""}
mapBully({"a": "candy"}) → {"b": "candy", "a": ""}
mapBully({"b": "carrot", "c": "meh", "a": "candy"}) → {"b": "candy", "c": "meh", "a": ""}

how below got below result

mapBully({"a": "candy"}) → {"b": "candy", "a": ""}

there is no b in the input map right then how it came in the output map?
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