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Connecting web server to file server

Hello ,
I knew some file-sharing company have this solution but I don't know the design and topology for this scenario :

Web server ( <----> File server ( <-----> SAN server

So , the scenario as following : I have a file that I want to download ( which obviously located on the web server, but when I press the download button the download manger reads the URL ( .

Can Anyone please explain to me how they connect the web server with the file server ?

Thanks in advance for your time
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I suspect they are two different machines and they are not connected.

I suspect it works like this.  Your first link passes you the second link which is the actual location to the file.

It probably generates the second link by attaching 656524825 to the back of

I'm not quite sure if that is what you want.  But clarify if that is what you do or don't want.
a link can point anywhere you want it to. In this case they may be using a virtual directory. A website does not have to exist under c:\inetpub\wwwroot
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yes , that's exactly what happening , 2 IP address means 2 machines  , but how they are connected  ?
Ok then , If i'm using Apache web server with some file sharing script on the first machine ( , then what possibly can I use on the second machine ( which operate as file server and attached to a SAN ?
but how they are connected -- usually using an ethernet cable

Rephrase your question..
<a href=\sharename\filename> Download File</a>
And they don't have to be connected.

One can be a web server and the other a file server.  No connection required.  All the web server is doing is giving you the link to the file server and the folder and file concerned.
Ok , so I have to mount the folder from File server (i.e Samba) into 'www' folder of the Apache server ?

The web server has the link to the file server.  And the file server won't be Samba.  Samba is not for web pages.

Let me explain again.

If your web server was an Apache server then it could have a file called 656524825.html

Inside that file would be a URL such as <a href="">656524825 file</a> which directs you to the other file server and the folder and the file concerned which could well be another Apache server.

The first server has the links.  The second server has the data or the files.

In this scenario the web pages are coded by hand according to the name of the download file on the other server.
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