jQuery - set select list from value entered in different form on same page?

I have purchased a WordPress plugin called "Bookly" and would just like to know how to set the location tab using jQuery from another form.


I have a form on the same page as below, if say "San Francisco" is entered I need location "San Francisco" automatically selected in Bookly.
If a location entered my form is not listed I would like a message displayed "Sorry, we don't service the location entered"

<form action="search_for_members.php">
<div class="ui-widget" id="get_my_location">
<label for="my_location">Where do you need a Practitioner?</label>
<input id="my_location" onfocus="if(this.value == 'Enter Location') { this.value = ''; }" type="text" value="Location">
<input id="set_location" type="submit" value="Get Started">

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Thanks in advance.
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Julian HansenCommented:
The form you have above posts back to a script - which will refresh the page making a jQuery solution irrelevant because anything it does will be wiped in the refresh.

I think we need more pieces of the puzzle

Can you post your page - it is not clear what the form above is doing and what part it plays. Also need to see the tabs.
sabecsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your feedback, the form action can be removed, it's just their as an example.

I just need to know how to set the locations select list in Bookly from another select list.
Julian HansenCommented:
Are the entry points free form? In other words does the user type in their location rather than select it from a list?
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sabecsAuthor Commented:
Hi Julian, the user would select their location.
Julian HansenCommented:
Then can you show me the real code because the code you posted has this
<input id="my_location" onfocus="if(this.value == 'Enter Location') { this.value = ''; }" type="text" value="Location">

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Which implies free form entry.

Also - if the user is selecting the value - why would the select have a location you don't support?
sabecsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Julian for your comments, very much appreciated.
Sorry, the website is under construction and blocked by a plugin to public, I can add your IP address if you would like to view?
"my_location" is coming from an autocomplete jQuery linked to a table that lists every location in Australia by zip/postal code but I need to check if Bookly members service the area selected. I am trying to customized the website/Bookly to check if an area is serviced.
Julian HansenCommented:
my_location" is coming from an autocomplete
Hint: the more information you provide in the beginning the easier it will be to assist you. In future details like this should be included in your opening question :)

Again, I have the same question - if it is an autocomplete - why are you providing options that you may not support?
sabecsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Julian, I am trying to customize the Bookly plugin.

My form will display all zip codes in my country, Bookly plugin will only display areas serviced.
If they select a zip code not in Bookly I want to display a "Sorry, we don't service the location entered" and redirect to another page.

If they do select an area that is serviced by Bookly then I want this selection made from the Dropdown list in Bookly.

I hope that makes sense?
Julian HansenCommented:
I still think that is problematic. When you provide the user with an option to select his / her ZIP and then after the fact tell him it is not available - it can be annoying.

Is there not some way you can make your autocomplete only show the supported ZIP? Create a service that interrogates Bookly and only presents the available ZIP's.

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sabecsAuthor Commented:
I agree with you, it is annoying to tell a user that a zip codes is not available, I already have in place a list in Bookly that only presents available zip codes, but my customers want this option and that is what I have to give them.
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