How to Create an IXMLInvoice in Datev-XML-Format.


using Delphi XE10.1 Berlin (incl. Update 1).

I Have a XSD from Datev. There is a type called IXMLExtensionlist. It has got a function ADD, where you can get an IXMLExtension. And there is an Interface IXMLInvoice, which is from IXMLExtension. My Question:
How can I init an IXMLInvoice to get it like this example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<archive version="4.0" generatingSystem="DATEV Musterdaten" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" document_v040.xsd" xmlns="">
			<extension xsi:type="Invoice" datafile="Ausgangsrechnung_4000022.xml">
				<property key="InvoiceType" value="Outgoing"/>
			<extension xsi:type="File" name="Ausgangsrechnung_4000022.pdf"/>

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{ IXMLDocumentDatev }

  IXMLDocumentDatev = interface(IXMLNode)
    { Eigenschaftszugriff }
    function Get_Guid: UnicodeString;
    function Get_Type_: ShortInt;
    function Get_ProcessID: ShortInt;
    function Get_Description: UnicodeString;
    function Get_Keywords: UnicodeString;
    function Get_Extension: IXMLExtensionList;
    function Get_Repository: IXMLRepository;
    procedure Set_Guid(Value: UnicodeString);
    procedure Set_Type_(Value: ShortInt);
    procedure Set_ProcessID(Value: ShortInt);
    procedure Set_Description(Value: UnicodeString);
    procedure Set_Keywords(Value: UnicodeString);
    { Methoden & Eigenschaften }
    property Guid: UnicodeString read Get_Guid write Set_Guid;
    property Type_: ShortInt read Get_Type_ write Set_Type_;
    property ProcessID: ShortInt read Get_ProcessID write Set_ProcessID;
    property Description: UnicodeString read Get_Description write Set_Description;
    property Keywords: UnicodeString read Get_Keywords write Set_Keywords;
    property Extension: IXMLExtensionList read Get_Extension;
    property Repository: IXMLRepository read Get_Repository;

{ IXMLExtension }

  IXMLExtension = interface(IXMLNode)

{ IXMLExtensionList }

  IXMLExtensionList = interface(IXMLNodeCollection)
    { Methoden & Eigenschaften }
    function Add: IXMLExtension;
    function Insert(const Index: Integer): IXMLExtension;

    function Get_Item(Index: Integer): IXMLExtension;
    property Items[Index: Integer]: IXMLExtension read Get_Item; default;

{ IXMLInvoice }

  IXMLInvoice = interface(IXMLExtension)
    { Eigenschaftszugriff }
    function Get_Datafile: UnicodeString;
    function Get_Property_: IXMLInvoice_property;
    procedure Set_Datafile(Value: UnicodeString);
    { Methoden & Eigenschaften }
    property Datafile: UnicodeString read Get_Datafile write Set_Datafile;
    property Property_: IXMLInvoice_property read Get_Property_;

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My Code is:

  procedure tDatevXMLObjekt.Testausgabe;
      a.GeneratingSystem:='bla bla';
      a.Header.Description:='Testausgabe von Michi';

      doc.Description:='Erste Testrechnung';

//      inv:=doc.extension.Add;  //does not work
      ext:=doc.extension.Add;  //works, but I need a IXMLInvoice;

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How can I do some kind of Typecast, how can I Init an IXMLInvoice.
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migrossConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found a workaround. I created the IXMLextension and set the properties in the extension manually with IXMLNode.SetAttribute. There was no other chance in this case, but it worked.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Without knowing the XSD, assuming that IXMLInvoice is derived from IXMLExtensions:

You cannot use Add() like this. You need to create a XMLInvoice first and add this instance.
migrossAuthor Commented:
Well, thats exactly my Problem.

It is descreibed as an Interface:

IXMLInvoice = interface(IXMLExtension)

I don't know how to create a IXMLInvoice. There is no Constructor as in a class-Object and I don't know how it gets in the Extensionlist. Perhaps my question is too easy, perhaps it's not possible. I never created an "Interface-Object" that is derived from another Interface. In XSD-Files I imported to Delphi the interface types where always clearly defined on their own, never derived.

The XSD-File is attached. While Import you must rename IXMLDocument to IXMLDocumentXYZ, so that Delphi doesn't have errors using it's own IXMLDocument.
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Please attach your generated code from that XSD.
migrossAuthor Commented:
Here is the code.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
{ TXMLInvoice }

  TXMLInvoice = class(TXMLExtension, IXMLInvoice)
    { IXMLInvoice }
    function Get_Datafile: UnicodeString;
    function Get_Property_: IXMLInvoice_property;
    procedure Set_Datafile(Value: UnicodeString);
    procedure AfterConstruction; override;

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migrossAuthor Commented:
Well, I now there are "T"XML-Objects. But there the functions are Protected, so I can't use then from outside. Or am I wrong? Should I declare all properties again or move them to public?

  invoice.datafile:='blabla.xml'; //is not possible in this Object.

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I would prefer not to declare there, because the next version of XSD will come, and then I should have to do this work again.

Could you give me a sample using the first code "Testausgabe" I posted, where you define a TXMLInvoice and create it? Which ist the Domnode, which the Parentnode? Then the Parameters must all be tXMLNode and not IXMLNode. none of the properties are available in TXML... . I am really weird at the moment.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
As I don't know how to use this special XSD and its classes, this is just a guess:

The normal workaround is to declare your own derived classes from those TXMLxxx class. Then you have access to the methods.
migrossAuthor Commented:
it works
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