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Hi all,

is there third party to back up office 365 email run as secondary as backup just in case someone accidental deleted messages on their mailbox, we must able to recovered at anytime even months after deleted, we can recover from backup. or let say admin go nuke users mailboxes. So anything can help extended protection on email even if we had to go HA path. is there a third party out there provide that backup/HA.

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That's the one a lot of my clients use
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Agree with Akhater. I have configured for few clients.


Many Thank you, guys, awesome!
Dinesh SinghArchitect

Now Veeam also giving the solution for Office 365 backup, please check below blogs:



Dinesh Singh,

thank you, we know veeam but we looking for searching through backup with option filter like specific email or attachment. the goal is let user search their backup just liked their email inplace_archive. instead of search through on 365 online inplace_archive it kind of slow, versa at local.

But thank you so very much for your nice though.

you're good man! again thank you