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I have got a worksheet full of data (around 2000 rows and 15 columns). I need to do a sumif to see how often in the data, 2 columns match, to see how many rows have those same 2 values in these 2 columns (reference and address line 1). Can anyone provide any pointers, say for example column A is my "count" column, where I will be applying the SUMIF calculation to get a count, and column B is the reference column, and column C is the address line 1 column.

2-12345-1 EE street
2-12345-1 EE street
1-34567-2 EE street
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Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
I'm restating your question to make sure I understand what you're wanting.

You have a list of data.  You want to include a "Count" column that shows how many rows contain the same values in both the "Reference" and "Address1" columns.  In your example,
Reference = 12345 and Address1 = "1 EE street"
occurs twice in the set, so the "Count" value for each will be 2.

You should use the COUNTIFS function to solve this, like so.
A2: =COUNTIFS($B$2:$B$2000,B2,$C$2:$C$2000,C2)

See the attached example file.

KoenChange and Transition ManagerCommented:
the easiest way is adding a column..

make column D with the following formula =concatenate(B2,C2) (and copy down)
Put in column A =countif($D$2:$D$4;D2)  (and copy down)
KoenChange and Transition ManagerCommented:
if you import the data (or append) regulary then turn the import into a table (select a cell within the data an click 'Insert', 'Table').Then create both columns (with the formulas) at the right end.
The table will auto adjust and when you import the next time (and there are more or less lines) the formulas will adjust automatically.
pma111Author Commented:
thanks both worked fine
KoenChange and Transition ManagerCommented:
please assign point if you are satisfied with the solution...
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