I have configured SSL vpn on a cisco 1841. When I try to open a browser and download the anyconnect from  the RTE I am unable to get to it. when I type the IP address of the RTE into the browser, it asks for a username and password but, the local username and password i created for the VPN is not working, when I use different browser, it says, the prompt is asking for a level 15 account. Tis tells me that all it's doing it's accessing gui HTTP of the router and not VPN. I have posted my configs below. Can anyone help?

aaa authentication login VPN_LOGIN local
ip local pool VPN_POOL
webvpn gateway GATEWAY
 ip address x.x.x.x port 443
 http-redirect port 80
 ssl trustpoint TP-self-signed-1890443829
 no inservice
webvpn context VPN_CONTEXT
 ssl authenticate verify all
 policy group VPN_POLICY
   functions svc-enabled
   banner "Login Successful"
   filter tunnel 105
   svc address-pool "VPN_POOL"
   svc default-domain "WOLF"
   svc keep-client-installed
   svc dpd-interval gateway 30
   svc homepage ""
   svc rekey method new-tunnel
   svc dns-server primary
 aaa authentication list VPN_LOGIN
 no inservice

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Shark AttackNetwork adminAsked:
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ArneLoviusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How is this an "old question no longer relevant" when there was no response from the OP ?
have you uploaded an AnyConnect client to the router ?
Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
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can you post a suitably sanitised full copy of the config
Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
yes, as soon as I can get back to the router I will, thanks
Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
i no longer work there and have no access to equipment
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