How can I make renaming PARTS of MP3 tags simple?

I thought this would be relatively easy, but I must be missing something.

Every week, I need to rename a different batch of MP3 files (which are basically commercials) as in this example:

Filename                       Renamed

Health Markets            1.1-Spot1
Holiday Inn                   1.2-Spot2
Lasik Vision                   2.1-Spot1
Amora                            2.1-Spot2

Doing this manually using MP3 Tag for 60 files a week is a bit much! (I had been using different, standard naming conventions which made it simple and fast, but needed to change for more precise tracking information.)

So I'm looking for either a process or program that will help me to do what I explain here in a faster, easier way. I've  looked a bit at Tag And Rename, Magic MP3 Tagger and some others, but can't quite see anything that will get the job done (although looking at this stuff can make you brain dead!)

Maybe there's a simple file editing utility that can get this done without messing up the other metatags in each MP3 file.  Ideally,  at least in concept, the solution would be something like:

Rename these files:

Health Markets            
Holiday Inn                  
Lasik Vision                  

to these names:


OK, experts, let me hear from you and thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi RadioGeorge
Have you looked at mp3Tag Pro 9.2
It's not a simple task you ask for here as each file is uniquely renamed, I attempted your idea and copied 4 mp3 to a new folder then highlighted them all and renamed them but windows wont accept the end part Spot1 they end up just having the numbers
have a look through these if you have time, it's a list of many tag editors  on the left side starting with this one
New Name Method
ID3 tags
 ( advanced Renamer)
Batch modes
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Suggestion:  Write a little Perl script to do the job.  Include the MP3::Tag modules, ID3v1 or IDV2 or both, as required.   Then all that needs to be done is (a) run through the files in the folder, which is a standard operation and examples can be found on the web, (b) rename the files according to the desired scheme, (c) fiddle the tags to match the file names, or read the tags from another file with the files and desired tags, or ... whatever the desired method of defining the tags is.

I guesstimate this would take less than two hours for an experienced Perl user.  I wouldn't recommend this as a first Perl project but it's not overly difficult for one, provided the programmer has some C background.
RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the quick reply. I am not an experienced programmer, so unfortunately your solution is probably not one that would be simple to use. We'll see.
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RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your reply. I had already looked at mp3Tag Pro 9.2 and corresponded with a tech there, but what I thought was a very simple renaming procedure is apparently a very tough (and perhaps impossible) thing to do.

I had briefly looked at the Advanced Renamer modules (guess I should have mentioned that in my original post) and it looks to me like those won't get it done, either.

I can report some success in an odd way.....

As I was musing the situation, I wondered if it might be possible to use the freeware Macro Maker software to create one-button macros. Example:

I want to rename the file named

MA-Listen Clear.mp3



By using a macro run by the F1 key, it is very fast and easy to rename the file without all the keystrokes it would otherwise take. I tried this and it worked fine, so it may be an alternative solution. It would be ideal to be able to just do a "file rename" of all the files in one shot (which can be done if the files are text and not MP3) but in the absence of that, this may be the solution.

FYI, for the "second" mp3 file in each set, 1.2-Spot2.mp3, I simply modified the first one and assigned the combination CTRL+F1, so I have a complete set of 22 macros that, if this is the solution, will get the job done quickly and mosr importantly, accurate. It's far too easy to put in or not put in a "-" or a "." where there should not be one--the situation that lead to my posting this question!

I'll leave this up for a day or two more to see if anyone else reacts.
RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
The comments here led to a solution--in Windows 7!

How about one now for Windows 10? Time to post another project.....
Well done you RadioGeorge. Thankyou for sharing it.
Windows 10 is still in the testing stage I dare say most things work in windows 7 will work in windows 10, it does with my two systems. One is w7 and one is w10.
AutoHotkey may be of assistance but has a steep learning curb 
Hotkeys, Macros, and Gestures: How to Save Time With Your PC

Regards Merete
RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:

I've hot the wall trying to run Macro Maker in Windows 10, even with some EE comments today. I've written to the makers of Macro Express, a full-blown macro creator that I have used previously to create some pretty fancy, detailed ones that create rotating daily and weekly files that are put into place with cron jobs on a website. It was an enormous effort to create those macros but they have worked consistently for ten years now.

I'm hoping that the Macro Express folks can help me come up with something that is all he way on the other end of the simplicity scale, because my brain right now is best described by the word "mush."

BTW, I had read that PCWorld page on the link you sent. Good explanation, doesn't address this specific need. Next!
Lol  I understand that feeling, maybe powershell or cmd prompt?
Sometimes the good old tools dont want to place nice with the new modern windows, these new windows are really designed for apps and ipads, wish I could help you.
EE doesn't have a MAcro Topic there is a Powershell topic zone
There is also some good Articles here
Powershell: Update Scripts Across Multiple Computers
PowerShell: Where do I start? 

Which version of Macromaker do you have?
MacroMaker for Windows 10?
Just sourced them :)
I use Winamp to change the metadata through the id2 id3 tags but Winamp has been made obsolete  even though you can still download it, I still have it as it's was is always the best  audio player in my humble opinion.
I just add my files to the playlist editor then rightclick them and get file info this opens the id tags window
Winamp id3 tagsApparently Foobar2000 also offers a similar example it's a pretty good as well.
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