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Can't edit Excel documents in SharePoint 2010 using the webapp – but it is fine using the Excel Client Application

I can edit the  excel files using the client application, but not the webapp.

The error that shows up when I click on “Edit in Browser” option is:

“You do not have sufficient permissions to edit this workbook” (see image below)
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Walter Curtis
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Not sure if you are referring to Excel Services in SharePoint or Office Web Apps. Here is information regard SharePoint Excel Services that may help you.

Also, I don't see any screenshot attached.

Good luck...
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Referring editing excel in Office Web Apps, I am able to view the excel files in Web but nor able to edit in web. The error that shows

“You do not have sufficient permissions to edit this workbook
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We use SharePoint 2010 and MS office 2010, 2013 and 2016. Any restrictions on this versions?
Those versions should be no problem to use.
I don't see office 2010 and 2016 on the above licensing list and I have issue on these versions. any clue?
You may need to find specific articles for those products, but it should be very similar. I thought you had SharePoint 2013, but yes I see you said 2010, my mistake. The licensing is also very similar, but on the 2010 server it is configured differently from 2013, so you might need to find those specific instructions.
Everything working now in Windows except I have one issue in MAC version. When edit document in Microsoft Excel/Word, it throw an error "'edit document' requires a microsoft sharepoint foundation-compatible application and web browser". Any idea?
Is office for MAC installed on the MAC? I am not sure if MAC works with Office Web Apps. I know it has some issues working with SP 2010 in regards to versioning and co-authoring.

Glad you got the rest working....That's cool...
Yes office in MAC.

I am able to view and edit excel/word in browser, but only issues in edit in MS Excel/Word.
It might be best to open a new questions that is more MAC centric.
Yes, I have run in to this before, and it was on the CEO's laptop. He shouldn't of had a MAC in my opinion :-)
Information provided was accurate and a valid solution to the issue.