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Looking to buy many chinese tablets from distributor (900) need to know if they can be rooted, custom recovery, and have roms

Hello all,
A supplier gave me all the source code and specs for a tablet and I was wondering if anyone could help determine if it is rootable, if TWRP / CWM, and a custom rom could be installed on it? They are a bit vague, I don't know a model number or anything, but I am hoping they can do what we need,  We are looking to buy around 900 of them, so we need to be sure it can be used for what we need. What information specifically would someone need to determine this? It is an Allwinner A83T Cortex-7, SGX544MP1 GPU. If there is more specific info that will help determine if this is capable, please let me know what you need and I will try to find it!


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8/22/2022 - Mon

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Very true, but is there anything that can be checked from all the technical manuals or the source code that might help indicate? We are still working on getting a few samples.

I don't think so.  Who will be writing/adapting the custom ROM?  If you don't have programmers to do it then you'll be relying on what is available for that specific tablet.  My limited experience is that these don't always work as well as you may hope.  For that reason alone I'd recommend thorough testing.

I am mostly worried about being able to install the custom recovery, the rom portion / root should be fairly easy, but if we can't install the custom recovery, then there is no rom anyways. We should be able to adapt a rom with minimal issue, may not even need to as they included the source of the rom that is included with the tablet. It would just be good to know if we can try to find a custom rom that is already stripped down (I mean completely, no play store, basically nothing).  Waiting to hear when we can get a few trial units, just in case a few get bricked, lol.
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I would not expect that you'd have problems installing the custom recovery specific to this particular tablet.  You should find out quickly once you have the trial units.