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Updates not working for MS Windows 7

I have reinstalled MS Windows 7 on my laptop. For more than 12 hours Windows updates is showing :

Checking for updates

No progress is seen. What could be the problem and how to solve.
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Make sure that before doing anything you are at SP1 level. Windowsupdates don't work if you haven't installed the servicepack.

I have written an Article that explains what you need to do (it's basically what Thinpads_User has already mentioned above):
I'm having the same issue on an old Lifebook S7110.

Would love to read that article, but I don't use EE enough to justify the subscription. I'll try John's suggestions though and will let you know, omarfarid, if I get anywhere.

FWIW, I did try updating the update agent, with no luck. I've also tried tools like Windows update Mini tool and autopatcher which didn't work well. I eventually was able to push the convenience pack only to have the system blue screen on me, so be careful how you proceed and be prepared for setback.
Another solution that works much of the time:

Open Windows Updates, set to Never, close out, shut down, start up, go to Windows Updates and set to automatic.

Now updates will start running. Leave overnight to allow all the updates to download and install.
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Usually the shortest way is to download everything in one go:
If you're not on SP1 yet:
32 or 64 bits versions are the two lowest options after you press download.
After that's downloaded and installed, download the rollup till April 2016: (use Windows Update Catalog in IE to download).
After that's installed, do one final Windows Update run as you did before (but now suddenly takes only a few minutes).
If you do these re-installs more often, this way will save you lots of time AND bandwidth.
I have found that the update rollup doesn't work well at all. I've tried it several times. Most of them failed miserably and the rollup reverted to the way it was before installing it. The one or two times when it did work, it still didn't reduce the update times. When I tried looking for updates after the rollup was installed, it would still take hours searching for updates.

The only sure fix was to install the agent, then the patch, and after that averything worked nicely and quickly (it still takes hours as there are more than 1GB worth of updates to first download, then install, but it no longer takes day, and the search for updates is reduced to something between 10 minutes and 40 minutes, that depends on your environment and hardware, and maybe also on the weather).
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Dear John,

I tried the links given and that solved the issue.

I am facing another issue related to updates.

After finishing the updates, I started IE and it went to page (attached snapshot). I found that IE go to:

Now, I am not able to disable the automatic updates download & installation although I am administrator.

How I can resolve this issue?
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Thank you again :)

Is there a way to revert back? How to fix the updates issue as I am not able to change settings
Look at your most recent Restore Point (recovery options) and restore to the prior point . That might work but might not remove the virus.
Thank you John,

I had to reinstall windows.

Sorry I could not try other solutions.

Thanks to all.
Thanks for the update and I was happy to assist you.