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Sharepoint 2016 - all-in-one-server vs. two servers

Hi experts.

We are testing sharepoint 2016. For the test, we installed sharepoint together with SQL on a single machine and it works very well.
In a training seminar, Microsoft-certified specialists had set up a test lab environment with two servers, one sharepoint, the other SQL - in between: Gigabit ethernet.
If I compare the performance while using sharepoint on the test lab to our "all-in-one" installation, the 2-server-setup felt sluggish as hell, really. The hardware however was comparable to our hardware.

1 is the performance  expected to be better when using sql and sharepoint on the same machine? (I guess it depends on what you do with it)
2 if we chose to use an all-in-one machine, could we decide to change that setup someday and switch to a 2-server-setup without starting from scratch?
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