Firefox Display problems

Since about 2 - 3 weeks ago, my Firefox display has been playing up.

When I go to a webpage it is OK, then as I scroll it "streaks" down the page (see attached example

I have re-installed FF, I have used the Refrash option in FF. No improvement.

~Everything else on my system (Win7) is fine. IE v11 works fine.

Any ideas?
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Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
Does the problem persist if hardware acceleration and smooth scrolling are turned off?

Firefox screen options
gerlisAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Hmmm, I've switched them off. Let me have a play with it and I'll revert back to you.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Side note:  Firefox must be stopped and restarted for those options to apply with the new settings.
gerlisAuthor Commented:
Done that and so far, so good...... holding breath....
gerlisAuthor Commented:
Dr. Klahn: Been using FF significantly and I am glad to report no problems.

Many thanks. Points are yours.
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