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MS Access Open another database from current and close Current

I have two databased files.  CurrentDb and HistoryDB  in MS Access 2003.
From a form in HistoryDB on  command button click event I need next:
 I want to open two bound forms in CurrentDB with particular record in
then I want to close HistoryDB and have CurrentDB form frmMainEdit stay  opened and frmMainOutstand should be hidden.
I started with some code as bellow but can not figure out how to close HistoryDB at the end of procedure and have CurrentDB open.

Private Sub CmdOpen_Form_In_CurrentDatabase_Click()

Dim strDB As String
strDB = "D:\Databases\CurrentdB.mdb"
Dim appAccess As Access.Application
Set appAccess = New Access.Application

Dim strFilter1 as string
strFilter1 = "Some text xxxxxx"

appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase strDB
appAccess.Visible = True

appAccess.UserControl = True

stDocName = "frmMainOutStand"
appAccess.DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName

Forms!frmMainOutstand!sfrmMainOutStandCurr.Form.Filter = strFilter1
Forms!frmMainOutstand!sfrmMainOutStandCurr.Form.FilterOn = True

Forms!frmMainOutstand!sfrmMainOutStandHis.Form.Filter = strFilter1
Forms!frmMainOutstand!sfrmMainOutStandHis.Form.FilterOn = True

stDocName = "frmMainEdit"
appAccess.DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName

Forms!frmMainEdit.Form.Filter = strFilter1
Forms!frmMainEdit.Form.FilterOn = True

End Sub
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