roaming profile - new desktop overrides the existing favorites

How can I control which desktop wins a conflict and/or merge files?  It seems whenever I log into a new desktop my roaming profile's favorites are overwritten.  What do I need to change to merge these instead of overwrite them?  My desktop are all Windows 10 and my file server and DC is Windows 2012.
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Tarmo KabonenIT&Helpdesk ManagerCommented:
I really suggest to use folder redirection to some UNC path instead of roaming profile in some cases as You describe. If there are desktops involved and connection is always "there" no issues with "offline" use also. Since NT 4.0 and clients the problems with roaming profile stay the same if You log on with different computers. Just do some testing by Yourself and figure it out, what You leave roaming and what You redirect to some UNC share with user name variable. Like favorites as of example - redirection will update them in Your "both" or more logged on computers "instantaneously" and no profile sync involved etc. :)
gopher_49Author Commented:
That's what I did... I used Favorites folder redirection to a UNC path in conjunction with the computer settings GPO (Computer> Admin Templates>System>User Profiles>Set Roaming Profile path...  This saves all user profiles on UNC path..  My goal is to have the favorites and desktop items roam no matter what computer you use...
Tarmo KabonenIT&Helpdesk ManagerCommented:
That is what I didn't ment. I ment really custom redirection of certain folders. I understand what is done with roaming profile but think a little bit out of the "default box" :)
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gopher_49Author Commented:
What I'm explain is not normal behavior of roaming profiles.  Roaming profiles should result in your profile roaming.  That is not what's happening.   Profile's on computers that initially receive the GPO overwrite the existing profile on the UNC path where it should receive what's in the UNC path.
Tarmo KabonenIT&Helpdesk ManagerCommented:
I have seen everything unfortunately with several MS server generations. 100% working solutin is keep AD and roaming profile stores file server "in one". That is my experience. With different servers keeping AD info/roaming profile/additional role servers I've seen it working after whole blackout - I mean complete shut down of environment and after restarting servers based on role priority and if everything is synced by the servers I started to run workstations. I know, this is not even option in most cases when large environments involved. Unfortunately no good solutions/help with large amount of time for troubleshooting were found. What can I suggest - search through event logs and find those roles that has warning or errors syncing AD info, that is the main reason of misbehaviour. Simultaneous logins with roaming profile is the worst that You can have in MS - that's for sure! In some smaller environment we discarded romaing profiles with a "cost" - too much additional customization with redirections, but at this point it was worth it unfortunately. Best of luck fighting with MS.

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gopher_49Author Commented:
I will test further on different desktops for the one not syncing the profile has an issue in the past to where I redirected the Documents folder and resulted in certain apps not installing..  I'll blow out the Windows install on that desktop for we meant to anyway.. I'll update this ticket for it might be one of my lab desktops is the issue.
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