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Importing an audio file using VBA in Powerpoint and keeping the animation duration constant

I am trying to attach an audio file to shapes in Powerpoint. I have this part figured out. The problem is that when I attach a file using VBA code, it changes the duration of the animation and messes everything up. Basically I want to create a master Powerpoint with all of the animations and timings, and then I want to be able to import audio files that are attached to various shapes. I have several audio files that I import for each slide, so importing the audio file to begin at the beginning of the slide isn't what I want to do.

Also, does anyone know why went you import an audio file to begin playing at the start of a slide, it waits until half of the duration before it starts playing? I can import them manually and they work fine. But, if I import them using VBA code, the file doesn't start playing until half way through the slide. If I then go in and manually uncheck and then recheck the "Play Across Slides" it works perfectly.  This is driving me crazy.

The answer to the first question is more important than the answer to the second question.

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