cifs mounts mounted over and over and over

I see 2 cifs shares on my df screen like literally 10 times each... as if they are mounted 10 times.... any ideas?

It's RHEL 6
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How is it being mounted, as part of fstab, or autofs?
Are they referencing different mount points?
XetroximynAuthor Commented:
and I had to run umount /mountpoint once for each one I saw on "df" screen to get them all unmounted..... weird....
Sure these are not the multi path resources ......
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XetroximynAuthor Commented:
what are multi path resources?

They are in fstab
Multi-path deals with accessing the same resource by way of different paths. I.e. Your cifs share are on server1 but server1 has three IPs representing three separate servers, or a single server with multiple IPs on different segments.
I.e. Workstation1 to access cifs server1:/myfolder could be equivalent to

Check /var/log/messages

Etc to see what triggers the remount or you may have some part of the setup being processed by other means.
XetroximynAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I dont have any multipath referencing going on - I only ever reference a share at the primairy IP of the server.  

What am I looking for in /var/log/messages?
why they are being remounted.

do you actually issue the mount -t cifs server1:/myfolder

But server1 has multiple IPs?
Or server1 does not have a static IP and it changes at which point the share resyncs with the new IP?
XetroximynAuthor Commented:
This returns nothing
# grep mount /var/log/messages*

Is there anything else I should grep for?  

Server 1 has static IP's.  The other IP's are other subnets and I don't think physically connected to the other server.  In any case - the fstab tells mount of mount it from \\\sharename.
There is no way for me to say, do you have autofs enabled,
Do you have LDAP it is
Is there some correlative/pattern?  I.e on login mounts .....etc.

Samba config?
XetroximynAuthor Commented:
no ldap, just local users.

Looks like autofs is set to start in chkconfig, but I don't think I have every configured anything in it.  atleast not knowing I did.  I just edit fstab.

No idea about pattern.   I hear a lot about autofs - is it better to use?  how steep is learning curve?  Could I easily just move my mounts from fstab to autofs and see if problem goes away?
Autofs can be used with centrally manage user accounts to mount resources when a user logs in.

How often do you need to exit fstab to mount?
If in fstab, I would have thought you added the entry long time ago and you no longer .....

If you need to temporarily mount something, you can simply run the
mount -t type server:/share /mountpoint
To mount a device/resource you are not required to edit fstab. Fstab entries are for permenance.
XetroximynAuthor Commented:
How often do you need to exit fstab to mount?

Open in new window

I am not clear on this question... what do you mean by "Exit fstab"?

I can say that these mounts are permanent.  They should always be mounted.  There is an app that looks at the files on these mounts every 5 minutes to make sure the file count is rising.  (They are recordings, and the app is an app the warns us if recording starts to fail and thus the file counts stop going up)
Edit not exit.
Does the app check whether the mount is present, and if not tries to mount it?
It might be that the test if one exists is imprecise and that what might lead to the repetitive overly mounts.
To confirm, add logging to the app that runs/checks every five minutes to note that it found the mount missing and remounted. Then see whether the log correlates to the overlay of repetitive mounts,
XetroximynAuthor Commented:

app does not try to mount - it just expects the mount to be mounted.  

Ive been so busy I have not looked into this further.... hopefully this week!
XetroximynAuthor Commented:
So I decided I didn't want to take the time to troubleshoot this.  I just made a script the runs umount 10 times on each of these shares and then mounts them once and run that each night.  Now my "df" ussually only has 1 or 2 copies of the shares.... good enough for me.


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XetroximynAuthor Commented:
thats what I did
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