Calculating tiered commission based on plan name and amount

in the file, how do I set up formula so that depending on what plan is chosen e.g. CPVP and the amount of the sale a percentage is chosen? e.g. for  plan CPVP and amounts 0 to 100000 for % commission is .06 (E4). For the plan FFVP it's .045 (E9). I've experimented with Vlookups (using true - which has given me the correct % for amounts ) and if functions (I tried if with the and function and vlookup but that didn't work) but I want it to be dynamic so that I can easily add plans etc. I'm suspecting some variety of Sumproduct...It's going to be linked to a list  where people will be picking the list from a name. Thank you as always.
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I put the following formula in K3 and filled down.
=VLOOKUP(H3,INDIRECT("B" & MATCH(G3,$A$1:$A$13,0)&":E"&MATCH(G3,$A$1:$A$13,1)),4,1)

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agwalshAuthor Commented:
Lookin' good :-). Now what tweak would I have to make if the formula itself was on a different sheet e.g. in the attached file I want to put the formula in the Commissions sheet (cell F4 but to reference the plan names and amounts from the lists sheet) . How do I tweak the Indirect function to show that? thank
You prefix the range cell address with the sheet name, followed by an exclamation mark.
It should resemble something like this:
=VLOOKUP(H3,INDIRECT("Commissions!B" & MATCH(G3,Commissions!$A$1:$A$13,0)&":E"&MATCH(G3,Commissions!$A$1:$A$13,1)),4,1)

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agwalshAuthor Commented:
hm, I've amended the formula as per your suggestion (and tweaked the cell references to match) . See Commissions sheet F4...but still getting an N/A - what am I missing?
Your tables are still in the LIsts worksheet
=VLOOKUP(E4,INDIRECT("Lists!B" & MATCH(C4,Lists!$A$1:$A$13,0)&":E"&MATCH(C4,Lists!$A$1:$A$13,1)),4,1)

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agwalshAuthor Commented:
Well, yep, I knew I'd miss something obvious. Thank you. That works wonderfully :-)
agwalshAuthor Commented:
This made me look brilliant...thank you so much.
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