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Test movie names in Kodi / Openelec

I have spent some time copying movies to an usb disk. Then try to sync Openelec / Kodi with https://www.themoviedb.org the standard way after attaching the USB disk to the Raspberry PI that runs OpenElec. Then I see some movies get missed. I take the USB disk and attach it to my laptop. Rename the movie folders to match a matching movie name, perhaps test manually at www.themoviedb.org and try to sync again at my Raspberry PI with OpenElec.

The point is that this takes time back and forth. I would like to find some tool or app that could check the movie names for me and report a total list of movies that have been resolved and movies that could not be resolved, so I can fix and test again without too much back and forth.

Anyone know any such tool / app?
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