IP Phone with a Analog Home Phone Line (Rj-11)

I'm looking to see if it's possible to swap out my analog phone with a Cisco IP Phone (E.g. Cisco 8851). I have a home office and only have a analog phone line coming in through Time warner cables (TWC) router. TWC doesn't allow me to switch directly to a VoIP connection, but instead I have to get a standard analog line out of their router. My company will give me the Cisco phone if I can get the line to work. I'm so use to using Cisco phones and headsets, and since I work remotely often enough, I want to be able to use a similar phone at home. Is this possible?

I've looked into ATA boxes but can't seem to determine if it can be used for my situation. It seems that I can connect a rj-11 to it and connect it to the network, but all examples I find seem to connect the connector back to the network or another computer. Some places say I need a "Cisco Voice Gateway with an FXO port running Call Manager express, connect your home line into the RJ11, FXO port and register your IP Phone with Call Manager Express."

Thank you
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good thing I read through all of your comments, I almost typed something that would've reasked all of the questions other posters asked.

The short answer is no, you cannot use the Cisco phone with TWC phone service. Think of TWC's phone service as the equivalent of your local telephone company, except that they're using VoIP to deliver POTS. Cisco phones are designed to work with a PBX. Two very different animals. Now if you wanted to get a service like 8x8 for your home phone, then you might be able to do it (but then again, 8x8 is a company that sells Polycom phones and I believe they have Cisco phones as well).

If you want to change your phone and keep your existing services as is, you'd just need to get an analog phone with better features. But I've never seen an analog phone have the same feature set as a VoiP phone.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
The Cisco 8851 is connected and powered by POE (power over ethernet) and does not have an analog port.  It would be difficult to put together a 'PBX' to make it work.

All you have to make sure is that your LAN IPs do not conflict with your office setup.
Those providing you with the phone will have to pre-configure it so it can connect back to the office pbx/register.

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From your question I'm not sure if you plan to use your company's phone number or your home phone number with IP phone.
Home number:
Most internet providers are offering phone services that are basically VoIP phone services and in some cases their modems have ATA converters (analog phone connectors), so the users can connect (their old) analog phones. In most cases you can ask your provider to configure a port on theirs modem, so you can connect the IP phone to it (of course properly configured).
Company number:
If your company has enabled access to their pbx thru internet, all they need to do is to properly configure the phone and you need to connect it to your LAN. IP phone has to have the access to internet like a normal computer. If their pbx is not published to internet, then you will probably need a VPN to their network.
ramanjitsingh04Author Commented:
I'll continue to use my home service provider which is TWC. The phone won't connect back to my Office VoIP network.

For me it's just the benefit of continuing to use the VoIP phone service. I don't have concerns with a POE, I could use a injector or depending on what device will convert the analog to IP for me, it may already support this.

Can the Cisco SPA3102 or SPA8800 support what I'm trying to do?
NO, You can not connect a Digital Voip Phone to an analog connector.
You can sign up with a cloud based phone service provider and use the 8861 to connect through the internet to the cloud and get your services that way.

If you have a regular fuel car, and your company says they have excess of Diesel fuel, no matter how you ask the question, there is no direct way for you to use Diesel to power your car.

The ATA is to connect an analog phone/device to a voip system. There is no process to connect a VOIP phone to an analog line.
You would have to have a PBX (openpbx running on linux, they have gone through so many names...) you would need an FXO card to which you will connect your TWC RJ11 connection. Then on the PBX you would configure the settings you want to push to your 8861.
Benjamin Van DitmarsCommented:
What you need is a voip to pstn gateway. look at this patton box, it will do what you want

Patton SN4114 4-FXO VoIP Gateway
An interpretation is that the asker does not like the service they are getting from twc. Converting the pstn service with which the asker us not satisfied to a VoIP connecting the 8861 does not seem as a solution wanted.  Presumably other features the 8861 are desirable and would only be available on a different setup.
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